Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mabuhay and G'day Mate!

An Australian classmate of mine, Andrew, from the University of Queensland visited the Philippines this month to do some research for his thesis in Master of Development Practice. After 3 weeks in Palawan, he returned to Manila for a week before his flight back to Brisbane. Together with another Filipino classmate, we got to meet him last week to catch up on things. He brought along his Japanese partner, whose name had now escaped my memory.

Anyway, we had dinner at the Glorietta foodcourt and he was game enough to try a native delicacy: the balut. It is a fertilized duck egg which is boiled and eaten with a pinch of salt. Andrew and his partner tried it. My Filipino friend declined to have one.

Andrew said that if he returns to Manila, we wants to visit the northern Philippines to visit the Banaue rice terraces and I told him he might wanna try to wear the G-string worn by our native brothers.

Hope to see you back in the Philippines soon, Andrew. Mabuhay!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Smart Bro, anyone?

We finally got our broadband internet at home. After a year and a half of suffering with dial-up service, we now have a relatively fast connection. It took us that long since we got back from Australia to finally get one. All I need to do now is set-up a local area network so that we can share the internet at home.
My wife, daughter and I are still fighting as to who will have the right to use the desktop computer with the internet connection. Maybe its because of the novelty of the thing and beside its unlimited compared with the hourly rate of the dial-up.
With the broadband, we get to upload more pictures in our multiply account, update our friendster accounts, and finally start with my blogger account.
Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.