Monday, December 26, 2011

Angel and the Flip

On the last day of work before Christmas, Angel tagged along to our office to join us in a sort of Christmas party in the afternoon. To keep her busy and at the same time leave me alone while I worked in the morning, I asked her to take a video of all of my officemates. It was the first time my daughter had the chance to use the Flip.

The Flip Video Ultra HD Video Camera (3rd Generation) was sent by my sister from the States this month. We bought it from Amazon via credit card and had it mailed to her postal address in California. The video cam is easy to operate that my daughter had a blast using it. There are no other buttons to use except the red one to record and stop and of course the on/off switch.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zugbu Liempo: Tastier than Cebu Lechon?

We were finally able to use the voucher, worth P300 of Zugbu Liempo, which I bought for P50. I had made an earlier post about this. It was an unplanned purchase.

Earlier, we left SM MOA at around 6:30 PM and found ourselves in an almost standstill when we reached the Macapagal corner EDSA as the traffic was really heavy. Thinking of another way to get home in the Bicutan area, we weighed our options. First, we continue with EDSA and hope that traffic lightens up after EDSA corner Taft. Second, we turn left in Macapagal Avenue and right to Gil Puyat (Buendia) Avenue passing by a Bazaar in World Trade Center until we reached SLEX. And thirdly, do a  u-turn at the slot in front of Heritage Hotel and turn right to Roxas Boulevard and turn right again at Libertad Street going straight until we reached SLEX.

Burgoo: Not your average burger restaurant

The first time we ate at Burgoo, I thought that it was a play on the word burger and specializes in tt. It does serve burgers and a whole lot more American food. Burgoo, I was to find out later in the Burgoo's website, is a stew which originated from Kentucky and originally was prepared using different meat, which includes goat, squirrel, deer or any game caught during the day and mixed with different vegetables, herbs and spices.

The first time we ate there was when we used a voucher from the kit of the SM Advantage Card (SMAC). I think you get an entree of similar value free when you order at least one entree. We ordered their Boneless Buffalo Chicken (BBC) and Supreme Sampler. We got a pizza for free. We never got a chance to dine in there until now. Angel particularly liked the BBC and whenever we are in SM MOA and asked her what she wants for lunch she would always mention Burgoo because of that chicken.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I recently heard from a TV news program about the word above. The news reported that it is the latest trend in vacation in  Metro Manila where families stay in hotels and resorts within the same locality instead of going out-of-town.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Quickie Trip to Bais City

On our last day in Dumaguete, we went to Bais City to check out the White Sand Bar. Since our flight is not until 4:45 PM, we negotiated with a multi-cab driver, Christian, to take us to Bais and back and drop us off at the airport later in the afternoon. As agreed upon the night before, it was still dark when our driver picked us up at the hotel for the more than 1 hour trip to Bais.

Some portions of the road going to Bais are being concreted hence we encountered some traffic along the way. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angel's 10th Birthday Celebration in Dumaguete City

On the third day of our vacation, we returned to Dumaguete to celebrate Angel's 10th Birthday. We usually go out-of-town during the end of November as part of Angel's birthday.

After our Siquijor trip, we requested Bethel Guest House to have their shuttle pick us up at the pier. After checking in, I went down to Shakey's Restaurant which is just across the hotel to buy pizzas. Fortunately, I have a Pizzanatic Super Card, so I ordered a large Hi Protein thin crust pizza and got a large pepperoni pizza for free. Lunch is served.

Sidetrip to the Enchanting Island of Siquijor

When I told my friends that we have included Siquijor as part of our itinerary, some had advised us against it as the island, as they claim, is full of witchcraft and some danger may befall us. Actually, we had planned to exclude Siquijor altogether not because of the witchcraft but because of the weather forecast that it will be rainy and crossing the sea might not be advisable after all.

We went anyway and caught the 6 AM trip (Mondays only) via Delta Fast Ferry. The fare is P120 for the 6AM trip, while the other trips cost P160. I asked the ticket seller why the difference and I was told it's the "policy." Fine with us as long as we get to the island earlier and faster as it takes around 45 minutes to cross the sea.