Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friday's on a Sunday Evening

My wife and her sister talked on the phone yesterday, Sunday, and asked if we would like to meet for an afternoon snack and where it would be convenient, if ever. As we haven't been to Eastwood City in Quezon City and since it was nearer their place, she suggested that we meet there.

As we were coming from Laguna and we had to visit my sister in the hospital, my wife said that we might be running late. We left the hospital at past 4 and my wife immediately txted her sister if she still want to meet that day. My daughter was a little disappointed that the meet-up might not push through as she was excited to see here cousin, who is less than 1 year younger than her.

It was finally confirmed, so off we drove to Magsaysay Boulevard, where a film crew was shooting a movie (i think it was still Bourne Legacy) so there was a bit of a traffic there. We got to Eastwood City at around 5 PM already.

My wife and her sister, and my daughter and her cousin were glad to have finally seen each other again after a long while. I took a seat in front of the fountain with my brother-in-law and just in time, there was a dancing fountain show.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game & Watch, Anyone?

Even before there were Gameboys, DSs and PSPs, there was a handheld video game device which my contemporaries and I used. It was so simple to use that there were only two buttons used to play the game. You can set up your time in the built in clock and it also serves as an alarm clock.
My siblings and I would take turns playing this small device and trying to beat each other's highest score, which is 999.

Unfortunately, when you reached it and you continue playing, the score returns to zero and starts counting again. There are several variation but still the two buttons remain the same, the left and right movement.

My favorite games then were Popeye and Octopus.

Tonight, a friend shared with me a link where I can relive those good old days with the use of my computer and here I am sharing this link so that you may also enjoy and/or discover how simple those games were. Just click on Game and Watch picture to start playing the game. There are games to choose from this website.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SG-Melaka-KL Trip: Everything is Falling into Place. I Think.

Since my last post about our planned trip, the only thing firm was our flight from KL to Manila. Now, some developments have come up which makes this trip seem to be more exciting.

First, I was able to get a promo fare to Singapore from Cebu Pacific which costs P2,720 for the three of us. The only downsides were 1) we have to catch our flight from DMIA - Clark, and 2) we had to take another day off from work as the departure date is 29 November, one day earlier than our original plan. With this, our return flights are confirmed.

Secondly, a couple of bloggers (Lakwatserang Bayong) had earlier visited Melaka and we're considering the accommodation that they stayed in: Oriental Residence Riverside Guesthouse. They had given me the email address of Asri, the owner/manager of the guesthouse. Will contact him soon.

Thirdly, I found websites, such as this and this, which gives the bus  and fare schedules for trips plying the Singapore-Melaka and Melaka-KL routes.

Lastly, Millenium and Copthorne had finally emailed and informed me that my request for extension of our two-day complimentary stay at Orchard Hotel - Singapore from June 2012 to December 2012 had finally been approved and will be receiving the new voucher within 2 weeks.

To make the planning more fun, my wife, daughter and I regularly discuss the itinerary for our trip and make sure that things we will see will be within our budget.

Suggestions on what to include in our itinerary for Singapore, Melaka and KL are most welcome. Remember, though, that we are on a shoestring budget.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Brunch at the Marriott


Sundays are usually spent at home with the family or else have lunch out somewhere inexpensive, but this Sunday, the sales staff of the Marriott Hotel Manila, where my wife works, was treated to a Sunday brunch at the Marriott Cafe. Being a family day, we tagged along with my wife to have our brunch there too.

The adult family members of the Marriott associates are entitled to a 50% discount, while children (not sure up to what age) get another 50% off. So, the price we had to pay for such a wide spread of dishes was reasonable enough.
The problem with buffet is I get easily overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin or what to eat. In fact, I skipped the bread and soup to get to the main dishes right away. There are a lot of sections that you can choose from.