Monday, February 25, 2008

Seair: Go to places where no other airlines can go

I have gone to Boracay via the nautical highway and also on board the Superferry but I have never been there via a plane. I know its a hassle not going there by plane but what can I do considering that budgetary constraints prevent me from doing this. Wouldn't it be great if I do get there via Seair this time?

Actually, I have already flown Seair twice, one is the El Nido - Busuanga (Palawan) and the other is the Manila - Romblon route. It is a nineteen seater affair with a complement of two crew.

The El Nido-Busuanga
flight was one leg of our journey when we visited various campuses of state universities in Palawan from as far south as Bataraza to Busuanga in the north. The Romblon trip was upon the invitation of Romblon State College for the DBM Secretary and our Regional Director to be keynote speakers in their commencement exercises.

The 19 seater twin-engined Let 410 UVP-E experience was very different from the jet planes that I have ridden. For one, they weigh you in before you board the plane. This I still don't know the reason why? Were they weighing you to determine the seat assignments in order to have an even weight distribution on the plane or to determine the quantity of fuel required for the flight? Anyway, on the way to Busuanga, I was fortunate enough to sit just behind the pilot (yup, the flight cabin was only divided by a curtain from the rest of the plane) and looking back towards me he tried to point to the direction of the Malampaya well. How personal can you get with the flight crew? ha ha ha,

I understand that on the Boracay route, Seair uses the bigger 32-seater Dornier 328 plane and that ivanhenares is giving a free return trip ticket to Boracay. Now, wouldn't it be great if I get to ride on one of this bigger plane?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A day at SM MOA

Vangie works at the Heritage Hotel and on Saturdays they have office from 9AM to 1PM. We usually pick her up at the hotel and go to SM Mall of Asia (MOA) to do our grocery as well as attend the anticipated mass at the nearby church and have dinner there.

This Saturday, after doing the grocery we went back to the car park to put the things we bought in the car. We had went to Sbarro for some pasta and pizza.
This weekend the 15th PTAA Travel and Tour Expo was held at the SMX Convention Center. So after our meal, we proceeded to SMX to check out the expo. There was an entrance fee of P50 per adult. Booths showcasing both domestic and foreign travel packages were present. We got some pamphlets of some domestic destinations which we might visit this summer vacation.

At around 5:30 PM we left SMX to attend anticipated mass at the nearby church. After the mass, we returned to SM MOA to watch the fireworks display at 7PM. We also went to Time Zone, a video arcade, because Angel wanted to play some arcade games.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Angel Goes to the Dentist

Angel visited a dentist last Saturday, 9 February 2008 for the first time. She was hesitant at first because she said she was afraid that the dentist might use a needle to extract her tooth. I assured her that the dentist will just be checking her teeth and have it cleaned. Angel told me that I should be the first to have my teeth checked, to which I agreed.

However, when we got to the dentist, I had Angel's teeth check first. The dentist found out that she had a lot of dental carries and that it had to be filled. I asked the dentist how much it would cost and was told that it would be P3,150. I only had P1,500 on hand so I had to rush to the ATM to withdraw cash as the dentist does not accept credit card.

When I got back, Angel was seated on the dental chair and was having her teeth cleaned and filled. It took more than 30 minutes and she looked like she was not enjoying it. At least, she did not cry and was very brave. She followed the instructions of the dentist and kept her mouth open so that it would be easy to clean her teeth.

The dentist told her to avoid sweets and gums so that she won't have tooth decay and that she should always brust her teeth. She now brushes her teeth after every meal.

I think that was one of the good things that happened: she does not complain anymore when I tell her to brush her teeth.