Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Campaign Manager and the Miting de Avance

Angel was chosen as a campaign manager of one of the parties in her class in Grade 1 at St. Scholastica's College: the Party of Students with Good Manners (PSGM).

During the Miting de Avance, she had to introduce their party candidates for Class Leader, Assistant Class Leader and Class Representative. She also presented their party platform as well as introduced their class jingle participated in by the candidates, some of her classmates and her.

Angel's mom and I had to skip office just to watch her first political speech, ha ha ha. Anyway, the miting de avance, which was originally scheduled to start at 9 AM actually began at 9:30. As we had to report to work, we excused ourselves from the miting right after their party's presentation.

We will try to include a short video of the miting de avance once we had downloaded the video from the camera.