Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Angel Goes to the Dentist

Angel visited a dentist last Saturday, 9 February 2008 for the first time. She was hesitant at first because she said she was afraid that the dentist might use a needle to extract her tooth. I assured her that the dentist will just be checking her teeth and have it cleaned. Angel told me that I should be the first to have my teeth checked, to which I agreed.

However, when we got to the dentist, I had Angel's teeth check first. The dentist found out that she had a lot of dental carries and that it had to be filled. I asked the dentist how much it would cost and was told that it would be P3,150. I only had P1,500 on hand so I had to rush to the ATM to withdraw cash as the dentist does not accept credit card.

When I got back, Angel was seated on the dental chair and was having her teeth cleaned and filled. It took more than 30 minutes and she looked like she was not enjoying it. At least, she did not cry and was very brave. She followed the instructions of the dentist and kept her mouth open so that it would be easy to clean her teeth.

The dentist told her to avoid sweets and gums so that she won't have tooth decay and that she should always brust her teeth. She now brushes her teeth after every meal.

I think that was one of the good things that happened: she does not complain anymore when I tell her to brush her teeth.

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