Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Day at the SM Mall of Asia

During the All Saint's Day holiday, my daughter, her cousin who lives in Quezon City and their 2nd degree niece from Pangil, Laguna talked about going to the SM Mall of Asia to go skating there the following weekend, just before the semestral break ends. We agreed for them to have one last get-together before school starts.

The SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City at the end of EDSA is considered one of the biggest mall in the world, and has the largest skating rink in Southeast Asia.

We arrived at the mall a little after 10 and we immediately bought an all-day ticket (P390) to the skating rink. She went ahead while waiting for her two companions. However, their arrival was delayed as one of our daughter's cousin's father had to run some errand.

Since, it was almost 12 noon and her skating buddies haven't arrived yet, we decided to have lunch first at the A Veneto Pizzeria. We last ate here about two years ago and we found the servings really big. While waiting for our order, I noticed that there were soldiers just outside the restaurant.

Upon closer scrutiny, I found out that they were from different eras. There were Katipuneros and Guardia Civil from the 19th century. German Nazi, Japanese as well as Filipino soldiers circa World War II. I failed to find out what the occasion was as they started with their parade.


After a while our orders arrived. We ordered their family platter, which consists of 4 chicken wings, 4 crab sticks, cheddar munchies and french fries. It came with catsup and ranch dressing (i think). The fries was not as crispy as I would have wanted it and so was the chicken wings, which was also not spicy. I liked the cheddar munchies and the crab stick though.

We also ordered a medium sized pepperoni pizza which had 6 slices. My wife had a slice, my daughter had two while i had three. The dough was hard to cut so I decided to just eat it by hand. Since a slice was quite big, I had to fold it in order for it to be manageable to bite. It was chewy, just like Angel's or Domino's.
As usual, Angel and I had bottomless drinks: iced tea for her while I had Coke Zero. Vangie only had a single serve lemonade. The straws were color coded to identify which drinks are bottomless and which arent.
The food was filling and it was quite an ordeal to finish it all. After lunch, we strolled a while just to let the food settle and before Angel returned to the skating rink.
After about 30 minutes, Angel again changed to her skating shoes and went back to the rink. We left her there while my wife and I went to the grocery. A little later, my wife's sister called and told her that they were already there. Since Angel was already skating, we instructed her aunt to call her up on the mobile phone so they can meet.

Before 6 pm, we had to excuse Angel from skating as we had a dinner date. We left the other two girls and they planned to stay until closing time. It was agreed that her cousin and Angel would meet at least once a month to go skating.


lakwatsera de primera said...

Nakakamiss ang pizza sa Aveneto, sa Paranaque branch ko sya unang natry.

Batangala said...

talaga? i live in paranaque and i haven't tried that one. ung Visayas Avenue sa QC ko first na try ito

Gladys | said...

i've been busy with work lately, i've forgotten what a mall looks like. LOL! i love aveneto!

Batangala said...

if it wasn't for the groceries, we would also rarely see a mall, lol

D. Ordonez said...


Tita Beng said...

I miss MOA! I think the last time I was there was when I met up with an Australia based blogger buddy a couple of years ago. Tagal na 'no?
I notice how fast your daughter grows as I look at their photos! Getting prettier like the mom!

Batangala said...

you are right, my daughter does grow fast and she gets prettier. just like some of my friends say, "buti na lang at may ina", he he he