Friday, September 21, 2012

Ox Brain: Food for the Brain?

We got a chance to have lunch again at Behrouz near Shopwise Sucat last weekend. When we asked our daughter where she wanted to have lunch, she immediately said Mang Inasal. But when she found out that we're going to do our weekly grocery in Sucat, she immediately changed her mind and blurted out "Behrouz".

We parked our car at Shopwise and walked our way to the restaurant, which is about 5 minutes away. When we entered the place, it was half-filled and we picked up a booth, sat and started to order. We're not the adventurous type, so we asked for the same food when we usually dine there.

While waiting, I asked my wife is she wanted to try the ox brain, which had piqued our interest ever since we started eating there but never had the courage to try it. A plateful costs P80, so what the heck, we called the waiter once again and asked to have the ox brain also.
from left (clockwise) - ox brain, 2 small shawarma, beef kebab and shawarma rice without the rice

The last to arrive was the ox brain which should logically be since we ordered it later. So there was some suspense building up before it came: what does it smell like, texure, or what does it taste like?

The first to arrive was the two small shawarmas (P50 each) which was just for me, followed by the shawarma rice (P150) and the beef kebab (P80).

While halfway through our lunch, the oxbrain finally arrived. I was the first one to try it.
And my impressions? The texture is like that of chicken liver and it tasted like, believe it or not, a penoy (boiled unfertilized duck egg). The brain was too oily and rich that the wife and I cannot finish the whole plate. I should have probably ordered basmati rice or pita bread to go with it, instead of shawarma.
Angel also had a taste of it. But the thought of eating brain somehow didn't appeal to her and she begged off, ha ha ha
Next time, we will try again another dish. Just one new dish at a time.


Farida said...

A fun way to spend the weekend with the family :)

Batangala said...

picking on someone's brain? ha ha ha... :) thanks and have a happy weekend

Tin | The Average Jane said...

I don't think I could stomach eating brains. =|

Batangala said...

Tin, better watch the show Bizarre Foods of Andrew Zimmern and I am sure ox brain is just like eating peanuts, ha ha ha