Monday, April 8, 2013

A Graduation Celebration at the Legend Seafood Restaurant

We were invited to a dinner last Friday to celebrated my niece's graduation from college with a degree in Information Technology. I was told that the venue was the Legend. 

All along, I thought that we will be having dinner at Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. I was a bit apprehensive to come since it is a Friday night as well a we'll have to pass along EDSA during rush hour. It was all cleared that it would be held in Legend Seafood Restaurant, which is just across World Trade Center and besides Wensha Spa along Gil Puyat Ave. Ext. in Pasay
My wife and I were picked up by my sister and other nieces and nephews at the Marriott Hotel where my wife worked and I parked my car. They arrived at a little past 7 and due to the traffic, we reached the restaurant at past 8. We thought that we were already late but apparently, my niece's graduation was delayed to late in the afternoon as the heat was unbearable that the school decided to move the time.

When we got to the restaurant, we asked for the tables reserved by my brother. We were led to a private room with 2 round tables, each good for 12 persons.

The waiter asked us if we wanted the food to be served. But since my brother and his family were running a bit late due to the delay in the graduation, we politely declined saying that we prefer to wait for the new graduate. I asked the waiter for a copy of the set menu, which my sister-in-law had already pre-ordered, so that we will have an idea of what will be served later.
While waiting, my companions whiled their time by having some complimentary peanuts and house tea. We also had some dimsum while waiting for the celebrant.
After a while, my sister-in-law called that they will be late as the graduation ceremony hasn't finished yet. She told us that we go ahead as the kids we were with were already getting restless and tired.

The first course to be served was the Legend Combinaution Cold Cuts. It consisted of some pork, chicken, jelly fish, century egg and dimsum. I was not able to try all, except maybe a slice of what looked like lechon macau. The skin was crispy and the meat tender.

It was followed by what looked like chopsuey. We later found out that underneath all those vegetables, were noodles. I tried a small portion of the vegetables and noodles. It was a little bland for my taste although nowadays, almost everthing I eat nowadays are bland and oil-free, ha ha ha
The soup served was different from the set menu ordered but since we were already hungry, who's to complain. I think the soup served was cream of corn and crab. It wa hot and that's it. Nothing spectacular.
The next course served  was new to me. It was chicken and prawn hot salad. It's like a fruit salad but served hot. It was sweet with theprawns and chicken cut was generously added.
Some of the food served was not in the menu and since they kept on coming continuously, I was not able to keep track of the order they were served. There was the Yang Chow fried rice, but compared with the one we had at Kirin, it was not as good.
The next course served was I think beef and broccoli. As I never liked this veggie, I tried a piece of meat just to have a taste. I like the sauce although the meat was not as tender as I would like to.
The white chicken did not appeal to the kids as it was served with the head on, he he he. I only tried a small piece but since I didn't try the dips like onion, ginger, chili garlic, etc., it tasted bland, he he he
This beef dish was similar to the one we had at Kirin but again the meat was not as tender as I had a hard time chewing it. To think that I only had a piece.
I am a fried food person, but since I am not allowed oily food and red meat, this was supposed to be the only dish I should have. Two steamed lapu-lapu that had been deboned infront of us and served.
The fried crabs was a little bit spicy for the kids but was just fine for me. Only tried one claw which had already been pre-cracked.
Because there were only 20 of us with food good for 24, we had some left over as take out, he he he


Beng Gee said...

Weehh.. it's graduation everywhere! Congrats to your niece, Noel! Pareho sila ng newly grad kong niece, IT rin!

There you are again in front of too many delicious Chinese food. Sad for you that you could enjoy only the steamed lapu-lapu!

Hey, where's Angel?

Have a great day!

Batangala said...

I have a confession to make Beng. I have sinned. I tried a small portion of each dish for the sake of blogging, ha ha ha.

But amazingly, I did get full right away unlike before. I guess my stomach had shrunk considerably :)

Ascertain Bliss said...

aww.. food everywhere and you couldn't enjoy them, must be sad and i cud relate so well. i frequent buffet w friends but always guarded with self imposed diet. oh well, it's not really the food it's the company that matters most.
get well noel :)

Batangala said...

whenever i feel deprived, i always think that what i've eaten and travelled is enough for one lifetime. the rest would just be icing, ha haha

thanks for visiting mylene :)

Farida said...

I recently love Chinese cuisine. My experience in the past was not so good coz the food in the restaurant we ate in Galleria was "over" with flavor. Nakakasuya tuloy.

Batangala said...

when you say "over" do u mean too much umami coz that's what most Chinese dishes are "over" with :)

Tin K. said...

We've passed this place a number of times already but haven't stop and tried them yet. Looks good a. =)

Batangala said...

Yuo it does. unfortunately, I can't eat as much as I would have wanted to, hehehe