Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Taste of India, 19 February 2011

Ever since we had a taste of chicken tikka masala (CTM) in Australia, we're always on the lookout for a good one here in Manila. We had it in the foodcourt in Glorietta and lately at the Kebab Factory in SM Megamall. We usually have it with either plain or buttered naan (a flat bread cooked in a tandoori oven).

When I saw last year that Ensogo had a promo for an Indian restaurant (Legend of India) in Makati, I bought two (2) vouchers at P200 each but worth P500 of food each or a 60% discount.

We decided to use the vouchers tonight and went straight there after picking my wife from work at the Marriott Hotel. We got to the restaurant which is along Jupiter Street in Makati at around 6:30 PM and I guess we were the first clients to have dinner as the place was still empty except for the staff and an Indian family who just left, who I assumed own the place.

Before getting our orders, we were offered some snacks (similar to mixed nuts with spices).

My wife and daughter ordered iced tea (P50 each) while I ordered mango lassi (P120). The lassi tasted just right but i wish it could have been served colder.

As usual, we ordered CTM (P340) and two buttered naan (P120 each) which is about 10 inches in diameter and cut into three pieces. We were asked our preference for the masala: mild, medium or spicy. We said medium. The waiter suggested chicken kebab (P350) for my daughter which is not spicy.

The chicken tikka masala was just enough for the three of us and was not too spicy that my daughter was able to have a taste of it. It was good and in fact, the naan and the sauce of the ctm would suffice for dinner that my wife jokingly said if we can just have some extra sauce. The chicken was plenty and tender as is the chicken kebab which is served with grilled onion on the side.

There was still some CTM when we were finished that we ordered an extra naan to wipe off the left over sauce and chicken, ha ha ha.

For dessert, my wife ordered kulfi (P120), a frozen milk-based dessert similar to an ice cream. Well that's what it looked like. I guess it's an acquired taste because my daughter first didn't like it but was able to finish it later.

Our total bill came out to around P1500. With the P400 voucher (worth P1000), we spent less than P500 that night. The food was grreat but beyond our normal price range. We were really full when we left the restaurant. Would we eat here again? It really depends if a promo from Ensogo or other company is offered again.

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