Saturday, May 28, 2011

TGIF: Saucemate Resto Bar

Having no househelp for the past month now, we usually eat out for dinner since we're already exhausted from work to cook when we get home. Last Friday, we decided to eat at Saucemate Resto Bar, which is near the workplace of my wife in Newport. We wouldn't have known about the restaurant hadn't my wife's officemate, who lives near the place, told her about it. With our daughter, we got there at around 8 pm.

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My daughter is kinda snobbish. Once when I asked her if she wants us to eat in an eatery near her school, she said that she does not want to because people eating there were "madudungis" (dirty). So, when we told her that we're going to eat in a neighborhood eatery, she was hesitant at first..

When we got there, the restaurant was full and we had to wait for a table to be vacated. There were about seven or eight tables there, with 3 of them along the sidewalk.It is more comfortable to sit outside because it is much cooler there. The downside is you're near the barbecue grill and the smoke sometimes go in your direction, so the odor sticks to your clothes.
Although their menu is limited, they serve a variety of dishes like Japanese, Italian, Malay, Thai, Mexican, etc.

Inside the restaurant: about 4 or 5 tables

Mother and daughter waiting to be served
Checking out the menu
We ordered the chicken nasi goreng (P80), which is good for two persons, 6 pieces spicy chicken wings (P100) and for our daughter, grilled chicken with rice. We also ordered iced tea (P10 each) to down our meal. We also intended to order the barbecued tofu but unfortunately they were out of this.

Nasi goreng, doesn't look appetizing but wait till you've tasted it
Spicy chicken wings served with kangkong
The nasi goreng was spicy, which was the way my wife and I like it. You can actually see bits of chili mixed with the rice. The spicy chicken wings was good but unlike in other restaurants, it doesn't have a dip. But for P100 I have nothing to complain about.

The menu
After dinner, we asked our daughter how the food was and she said that it was "masarap" (yummy). Coming from someone who is quite picky with her food, we're sure that she will join us again to have dinner there. By the way, we were informed that the Saucemate will be expanding as they will be renting the place next to them, which will be airconditioned. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


Beng Gee said...

The food looks pretty good and yummy. Nasi Goreng I think is a Singaporean food. Had a taste of it once.

Batangala said...

i think nasi goreng is a malay or indonesian dish but whatever it is, i like it and can finish one plate all by myself. well singaporean food is really a mix of chinese, indian and malay food anyway.