Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of Summer Outing: Palms Country Club

PAGASA has declared that the start of the rainy season has began. Before the start of the school year, we decided to use the vouchers we bought earlier from Beeconomic. Each cost P250 and entitled one to the use the pool and gym at the Palms Country Club in Alabang. Aside from this, each of us were also given a coupon which can be used to buy food worth P500 at the Cafe Asiana.  Among Angel, Vangie and I, we had P1,500 to spend for food for the day.

We got to the Palms at around 10 am and after showing our voucher and registering, a representaitve from the Membership Department met us and gave us a brief occular inspeaciton of the place. We were aslo brought to the towel counter where we again had to register and given our keys to the lockers.

After putting our things in the locker and changing to our swimming gear, we borrowed some towels and found ourselves chairs near the pool. Angel immediately hit the pool and started practicing what she had learned in her swimming classes this summer. Afterwards, we went to that part of the pool which is about 4 feet deep and just played around. Unfortuately, the rain cut short our swimming and we had to return to the shower room and change clothes ready for lunch.
panoramic view of the pool area
angel playing around
dad and daughter hitting the pool

mother and angel beside the pool
swimming cut short by the sudden downpour
Cafe Asiana is just beside the pool and it didn't take us long to order our food. For appetizers, we ordered the taco salad and roti pratta. Angel, as usual, wanted fried chicken. We also ordered a Meat Lovers Pizza, and fish and chips. All of us had bottomless iced tea for drinks. The taco salad with blue cheese dressing was served first. It was so good that even Angel, who does not usually eat veggies, liked it. We shared it while waiting for the rest of our orders. The rotti pratta came next. I liked it especially dipped in the curry. My wife, who is not fond of curries, had a taste of it and let me finish the rotti. The rest of the food came. Angel easily finished her chicken and rice with a choco crinkle for dessert. We all shared the fish and chips and the pizza. Each of us had only a slice of pizza each as we were already full. The bill came in to a little less than P1,400. The waiter asked us if we still wanted coffee as we still had more than P100 left in our food coupons. As we were already full, we opted not to have coffee.

surfung while waiting for our food
our table with the vew of the pool behind
taco salad
rotti pratta with curry
crispy chcken with rice
fish and chips
meat lovers pizza. it tasted even better reheated :)
After lunch, we decided to check the rest of the Palms. We wnt to see the kiddie playroom. Angel didn't want to stay there as she said that she was not a baby anymore. Next, we went to check out the basketball court which was used for indoor football at the moment. There were also badminton courts as well as a dance studio. We then proceeded to check out the library lounge, which is also a wifi spot.
hallway leading to camp coco, the playroom
kids watching cartoons
the library lounge
surfing in the library lounge
a table centerpiece
At around 3 PM, we decided to leave the place as we still have to do some shopping. Right after we got home, Angel asked us, "when are we going back to Palms?"


Beng Gee said...

Wow, you guys really grabbed a fantastic deal here huh?! Sana, nakita ko rin 'to. hehe.

Emelyn said...

Noel, is this club an exclusive members only club? Can mere mortals like me go in to check it out?

Batangala said...

Ems, yup its an exclusive club. Of course you can check it out and just say that you're interested in becoming a member.

kaya lang mejo malayo ito from qc. and if you are a member na, maybe you can share your membership to us as guests, he he he