Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chow down at Johnny Chow

We finally had a chance to use our voucher for Johnny Chow worth P1,000 which we bought for P500 from a group buying site. Since our household help left us before the new year, most of the time we've been either eating takeouts or at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

We decided to have dinner there after picking up my wife from work at the  Marriott Hotel Manila, which is just beside and has a connecting pathway to Resorts World Manila (RWM) in Newport City, Pasay City. Johnny Chow is located on the 2nd level of the RWM Mall together with a lot of restaurants both on this and the 4th level where the cinemas are located.

When we got there at past 6 PM, the place was almost full that we had to wait at one of the tables outside while waiting for patrons to finish their meals inside. Fortunately for Angel, she brought her DS Lite so she didn't get bored. We already ordered our food since we were told that it would take 15 minutes. I let my wife order the food for us.

The first to arrive was the Good Morning Vietnam (vegetable spring rolls) which came with a sweet and sour sauce and a lemon/calamansi with garlic dips. It was good. Unfortunately, the wrapper was not crispy as I would have expected from a fried spring roll.

Next came the Emperor Wenzong (fried chicken). The chicken reminded me of the one at Savory, only a bit more expensive. The skin was crispy but the meat was a little bit dry.

It was followed last by the Crispy Noodles (with pork asado and egg). It has a single stalk of bok choy a few strips of carrots and young corn. Except for the asado on top, it reminded me of the one from Chow King. Come to think of it, Chow King crispy noodles was a little tastier.

Before I forget, we also ordered the Johnny Chow (yang chow) Rice. I really am not sure if I was just a bit full tonight or most of the food served were a little bland.

By the way, Angel ordered the red citrus iced tea telling us that her dinner was not complete without the iced tea,

The bill came out to P1,302.79 but with our P1,000 voucher, we only paid a little over P300. 

Would we eat here again? I still have another voucher worth P1,000, but next time I think we will order the Lechon Macau which came highly recommended from some of the blogs I've read. Now, why didn't we order that in the first place?


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Was the crispy noodles bland too? I love crispy noodles!

Anonymous said...

Lucky family! always on gala! enjoy!

Batangala said...

@gay, the sauce was just right. i am not sure why, but i think my tastebud that night was a little bit off. my wife and daughter enjoyed the food though :)

Batangala said...

@Anonymous, they say some eat to live and others live to eat. i guess we're somewhere in between, he he he