Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dining at Dillingers 1903

We earlier bought a voucher for P1000 worth of food at 50% off at Dillingers, a restaurant you can easily miss if you don't ask around or know where it is actually located. Found at one  end of level 3 of Greenbelt 3 beside Red Box, the exterior is very nondescript that you would at first think it was an abandoned place.
Being a Sunday, the place is not really crowded. I guess its more of a watering hole during regular days than a family restaurant. In fact, tables are small and so are the plates, which may be appropriate for finger foods and some alcoholic beverages to down them.

As you enter, one can see on one side of the establishment a long bar where beers, wines or cocktails are prepared and served, while the other side has both the regular and high chairs and tables. There is also an inner room which I supposed are for smoking patrons.

The place is quite dark with a few lights on the ceiling to provide illumination. Several televisions are strategically placed around the place showing mostly sports programs. 

With on a few customers this Sunday, waiters are very attentive. Upon entering we were asked if we had reservations which we had answered in the negative. We told them however that we had a voucher and were quickly led to a high table and chairs. We were immediately given the menu and asked for our voucher for verification.

After a few moments, we were asked if we would prefer to be seated on a regular table which we immediately said yes. A lady approached us and had us signed a record to show that we had already claimed the voucher.

Having P1000 worth of food, it took us some time to decide on what to order. We asked the waiter to give us some time. When we were ready to order, the waiter came to the table quickly and took what we were to have.

First, we ordered a solo buffalo wings (6 pcs at P180) which was served with a blue cheese dip. Except for a few morsel, the wife and daughter shared the wings between them. From what I had, the chicken was not as spicy which was good considering that our daughter loves chicken wings.

For pasta, we had a sausage fettuccini. (P195) It had tomato sauce and herbs with about 4 or 5 small slices of Italian sausage. The sauce was a little on the watery side but it was yummy. I just wished that they had more sausages in it.

We also ordered their fish and chips (P195). Two pieces of battered dory fish fillet with a serving of chips (fries) and a what seemed to be tartar sauce. The crust was crispy and the meat was flaky. Very good indeed and the serving of chips was enough to share.

Finally, we had a clubhouse sandwich (P265), with layers of roast beef, ham, bacon, scrambled egg, chicken breast and cheese with lettuce and tomato and cut into four. It also cme with chips.

We were almost not able to finish the sandwich, but thanks to my daughter's sacrifice, we were able to consume it all.

And how much was the total bill for all these food plus 3 glasses of iced tea (P65@)? P1,127.41. With the P1,000 voucher, you guess how much we paid?


Mitch said...

Burp! Incredible P323? hehe, nanghula ng price..I like this post, I just found out that Greenbelt could be so clean during weekends.. lol, What a big servings you've got!

Batangala said...

Malapit na ang guess mo. It's actually P127.41, he he he... anyway all our orders were good and sulit na sulit ung P128 namin. the location of Dillingers is so far from the people traffic that mukhang walang katao-tao, he he he. pero tama ka rin, i guess sundays are not as matao as during weeknights and maybe saturday.

Mitch said...

Hahaha, mali. Aniwei naalala ko lang just this Friday, a friend gave me a worth 500 voucher in TGIF. We have to avail at least 1000 worth then yung 500 free na. Pede na rin diba.

Batangala said...

ilan ba kayong kakain sa Friday's? kayang kaya nyong lumagpas ng P1000 sa isang kainan. pero ok lang naman dahil malaki ang servings. talagang to share mga food..happy eating sa Friday's, one of my favorite restos :)

i♥pinkc00kies said...

tried bugsy's naman, i think same owner coz menu is almost similar :) good food & big servings.

Batangala said...

sure. maybe one of these days, they will also have a promo discount for food. will definitely try this one if it does happen