Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gyros at Stavros

We finally had a chance to try out Stavros' Kebab and Mediterranean House at SM Bicutan. After the 10 AM mass in our village, we went to the mall to do our grocery as well as have our lunch.

After parking, we went to Mang Inasal, my daughter's favorite chicken place. However, restaurant was full that we decided to look for another place to eat.

Stavros and Cafe Zenses are two new restaurants found in the 2nd level of the mall. Both were opened less than a year but never had a chance to try any of them.

We first went inside Zenses to check their menu. I found the ambiance good and the food looks ok as well. However, the wife didn't seem to like the selection. So, off we went to the restaurant next door.

Not very familiar with mediterranean cuisine, we ordered what was familiar to us: shawarma or kebab roll. But here, they call it gyro. I guess it's the way a shawarma is called by the Greek. Choice of filling are chicken, beef, lamb, kofta and falafel. Wrapped in a flat or pita bread with the filling are tomato, lettuce and cucumber. I ordered a chicken (P120) while my wife ordered the beef  (P140) gyro. It came with a serving of hand cut fries.

 My daughter, the chicken girl, ordered the barbecued chicken (P99) with rice which came with free iced tea.
Except for a couple who was having lunch when we arrived, we were the only other people eating there which was already about lunch time. A family of four came when we were about the leave the place.

Other than 2 murals on both sides of the walls of the restaurant, there was hardly any decor to make the place look more like the mediterranean theme it tries to project.
I tasted the beef kebab of my wife and its seems more yummy than my chicken which tasted too salty.. The chicken was like just any chicken which was covered with barbecue sauce.
I doubt I will recommend the place to my friends as other shawarma counters in food courts and groceries seem to be better. My daughter would still prefer Mang Inasal Chicken, ha ha ha.


Tin | The Average Jane said...

I've always viewed Mediterrenean cuisine to be a little bland. Compared to our local fare that just seems to explode with flavors. Maybe it's just me. =)

But there have been places serving this type of fare that I learned to like too.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

try go greek!!

Batangala said...

really christine? didn't know that. thought that kebabs are on the spicy side

pinkcookies, thanks for the suggestion. might try that when were at the Ayala Center