Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stackers Burger, Anyone?

Of all the days to have a staycation at the Marriott Hotel, it had to happen today where a number of events are being held. The hotel is holding a wedding fair at its Grand Ballroom while the nearby Newport Mall has a Smart Internet launching. These made most of the dining places full.

We were just supposed to have a cheap dinner by having burgers from Mcdonald's at the 4th level of the Newport Mall where the 4 cinemas and a lot of restaurants are located. However, because of the two events, the place was full and so with most of the more affordable dining places.

We opted to have Stackers burger, where we had already eaten once.

I only remebered why we haven't returned to eat here again. Service is slow. With only burgers to order, I don't know why it takes so long.
Service was so slow that we had almost finished the fries and drink (additional P65 on top of the cost of a burger) which they served first.

The fries were served hot and crispy but the box is not filled so I guess they serve it by weight. I just wish they served it in smaller boxes so it doesn't look half empty. My wife asked for some mayonnaise as a dip at no extra cost.
I must admit that their burgers are great though, its just that the long wait only kept me hungrier, ha ha ha.

I ordered their Philly Cheese Burger (P155). A quarter pound beef patty with sauteed veggies, cheese and dressing on a long bun. A sort of philly cheesesteak but with a burger instead of beef.
 My wife and daughter ordered the Stack Cheeseburger(P135) and Stack Burger (P105), respectively. They are the classic burgers of Stackers with lettuce, mayo, tomato and some onion bits, with the former having a slice of cheese.
Amazingly, my daughter who does not eat veggies, ate everything, lettuce and all, ha ha ha.

We also got a free sundae for using our card and consuming more than P500 worth of food.
I like their burgers but its just the long wait for just a burger that makes me think twice of coming back here again. Maybe I am going back to Mcdonald's a few stores away next time, unless its a busy night again.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

didnt like stackers...

T said...

Haven't tried this. Wala bang malapit lapit sa east na branch? Hehe. The burgers look yummy!

Yedy Calaguas said...

I have to agree with you regarding their slow service. Their branch in Eastwood is the one I usually frequent to. But I like their burgers so most of the time I have to endure the long wait to satisfy my Stackers cravings :)

Batangala said...

i♥pinkc00kies, i guess taste really depends on each individual. as i've said, this is the first time that my daughter ate an entire burger without removing the veggies. that says something about their burger :)

Batangala said...

Ta, I guess the nearest Stackers to your place would be Eastwood :)

Batangala said...

Yedy, i just can't understand why service is so slow. they have a lot of staff.

i agree, their burgers are really yummy.

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Kung baga sa Chowking, niluluto pa kasi. Heheh! =)