Friday, August 3, 2012

How a Family of Three Spends Less than P1000 for a Day at the Mall

How does a family of three spend one whole day in a mall with less than P1000 to spend? Use a lot of group buying vouchers, ha ha ha

Travel doesn't mean you have to go far away from where you live. It is the company you keep that makes travelling, whether near or far, more fun.

My daughter has been bugging us for a long time to take her skating again. It's been a while since she did this activity and we thought of taking advantage of a deal which costs one day unlimited skating at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) for only P220 instead of the regular P390. We plan to go there as soon as the mall opens so that she can maximize her time on the ice.
She knows the drill. We take her inside, leave her there till we pick her up for lunch. Of course, that is after having her arm stamped so that she can return to the rink afterwards.

With SM MOA being one of the biggest mall in the world, I am sure the wife and I will have plenty of time to stroll around before fetching our daughter for lunch. Feeling like a couple out on a date without a kid in tow, we will probably window show, browse through books and magazines at the National Bookstore and other book shops,or just sit on the plastic benches just people watch in the comfort of an air-conditioned mall.

For lunch, we plan to eat at Joey Pepperoni just outside the SM Department Store. My wife bought a voucher for P285 for the said establishment and it is good for 4 pizzas and 4 glasses of ice tea.
 For dessert, we had earlier bought a voucher for a box of 15 of Chewy Junior's mini-puffs which cost us P100. This would be our first time to try this so I will keep you informed of how good or not it is.
For merienda, we have a voucher for one of favorite treats: Jamaican Pattie which costs us P100 for 3 pieces which we plan to eat with a bottle of soda (P45) bought from the grocery.
 After merienda, we do our weekly grocery and hopefully Angel would have enjoyed her whole day of skating.

And before we leave, we will watch the fireworks display which is held every Friday and Saturday evenings at 7 PM.

The total cost for a day at the mall (excluding of course the groceries) is listed hereunder:

Skating 220
Jamaican Patties 99
Box of 15 Chewy Junior (Mini-Puffs) 100
Joey Pepperoni 285
Parking 45
Gasoline for the car 200
1.5L Soda 45
Total  994

The big bulk of the expenses of course goes to food with the ice skating of the daughter coming in second. So, on the average, each of us would be spending about P331.33.


Although there are lots of group buying sites, we normally buy our vouchers from Beeconomic, Ensogo, and Metrodeal. Register so that you will be kept updated on current deals.


This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival which will be hosted by Pinay Thrillseeker


Tin | The Average Jane said...

Smart move! Tama nga naman. We have to be practical nowadays. =)

T said...

My daughter also wanted me to take her ice skating nun bata pa siya. I didn't and told her about this morbid thought na mapuputol mga daliri namin sa blades ng skates. Buti nd siya nagka-phobia. Hehe.

Batangala said...

@tin, tama ka dyan... sa panahon ngayon.. dapat try to find a good deal lagi :)

Reiza said...

I have to try this voucher strategy to cut on my expenses. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. :)

Batangala said...

@tata, ikaw ha! takutin ba naman ang bata, ha ha ha.. i never learned how to skate.. although my daughter skates since she was 4. mas madali yata matutuo ang bata eh

@reiza, thanks. why spend full price if you can have something at a discounted one, right?

Beng Gee said...

High five to you Noel! It always pays to be on the look out for good deals. Imagine, a great whole day of fun for less than Php1,000.00? I love Chewy Junior! We always buy it esp. when it's about closing time in Trinoma. Kasi buy one take one na yung Creme Puff. Kaya 220 lang yung 2 boxes of 6. Sarap pa!

I hope you're doing fine despite the floodings everywhere. Be well and stay safe! Ingat din!

Batangala said...

oo nga beng. nachempo lang na lahat nung deals na gusto namin ay sa moa. we still have to taste those creme puffs and i am sure masarap un dahil like mo eh, he he he

salamat naman at huminto na ang ulan. hopefully, tapos na ang ulan till weekend para makapagpatuyo ng mga sampay, ha ha ha

Farida said...

Purchasing vouchers are a prudent way of getting value for our money's worth. In our case, both my parents have the senior citizen discount card and there are some companies who give discount to the total purchases! :-)

Batangala said...

Exactly. However, one should be careful of what vouchers one buys. Do not buy because it is just discounted. Buy because you really need it. That is why most of the things we buy are either food or activities for our daughter :)

ardee sean said...

nice one.. this is really helpful for the budget.. :P

Batangala said...

thanks ardee. sabi nga nila, ang taong nagigipit, kahit sa vouchers kumakapit, he he he

Anonymous said...

rommel: sir san ka kumukuha ng mga voucher mo :) share please hehehe

Batangala said...

hello rommel,

there are lots of group sites, but we normally use cashcashpinoy, ensogo and metrodeal

Aleah | said...

I use a lot of group buying sites too. I'd been burned by Metrodeal, but I find Ensogo and Beeconomic good. Nice entry to the carnival!

Batangala said...

thanks aleah. ensogo was the first group buying site i've used but lately i've been buying vouchers less and less. signs of the times? ha ha ha