Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hungry for a Hungarian?

 were finally able to use our vouchers for Hero sausages when we went to the Ayala Center in Makati. Found in the Food Choices  in Glorietta 4, we missed it the first time we went around the food court because it had transferred its location from the last time we went there.

We bought the 2 vouchers at Metro Deal for P133 each.  A voucher is good for 2 sausage sandwiches with drinks. After presenting our vouchers, we had to wait for about 15 minutes as there were other people ahead of us who had ordered rice meals, that is java rice with slices of sausages. The sausages are deep fried which I guess is really not that good for the heart, he he he. I think this was just the second time I had Hero sausage and the first time for my wife and daughter.
crew posing for our daughter

angel while waiting for our order. there was quite a number of people waiting for their orders as well
We had 2 cheesy and 2 hungarian sausages. My wife and I had the hungarian while our daughter had the cheesy sausage. Except for the tomatoes, Angel finished off one big sandwich. She apparently liked it, especially the mustard/catsup/mayo combination dressing. We loved the hungarian sausages, as I've said, since my wife and I both loved spicy food. The citrus drink was too diluted that its almost tasteless. Maybe it was the spiciness that affected my taste?

The sandwich was too big for Angel that she had to use a fork and spoon (no knife) to cut the sandwich in manageable bite size. Eating it was a little bit messy that we had to use a lot of napkin to wipe our lips and hands. As I said the sausage was big that it's hard to fit in the mouth without the catsup/mustard/mayo dripping out.

I've had a number of hungarian sausages and I think this is one of the best, except for it being deep-fried.

Oh, if you're wondering what happened to the 4th sandwich since there were only 3 of us. I ate the sausage and skipped the bread since
hungarian sausage with lettuce and tomato
cheesy sausage
By the way, I asked the crew if they sell uncooked sausages and I was told that they do and it's P380 per kilo and it comes with a free 1/2 kilo. I was told further that a kilo of the sausage contains about 8 pieces. So, if you buy a kilo (with a free 1/2 kilo), each sausage would cost about P30.

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