Monday, June 20, 2011

Kainan sa Paete, Laguna - Capati Kainan

What does one do when one didn't take lunch because he was in a hurry to get to church as the wedding invitation says the ceremony starts at 1PM but in reality is scheduled at 2PM? That's what happened to us last Saturday, we got to the church before 1 PM, realizing later that no wedding was to take place as indicated in the inviation.
the facade of the church

marker with says that the church was only built in 1939. all along i thought this was spanish era vintage
photo taken much later. people starting to arrive
Since we were already hungry and the wedding won't start for an hour yet, we decided to look around for a place to eat. Walking along Quesada Street which runs along the side of the church and near the municipal hall, we decided to walk in. They offered the regular silogs (tapsilog, tocilog, porksilog, etc.) and short orders like pansit, halu-halo, etc. But what caught our attention was the way the eatery was set up.

a hole in the wall place

garden like environment
The flooring was made of scattered white pebbles with flagstones of cut timber. The tables and chairs were also from cut trees and not what you usually find in restaurant. The eatery feels like your eating in a garden, with the walls covered in bamboos.
the menu

The menu was posted on the wall. All the silogs were priced the same (P60), noodles are priced at P80 per plate, and halo-halo ranged from P45 (regular) to P60 (special). We tried to order pansit canton but was told that it was unavailable. We also asked if they have hotsilog for Angel but unfortunately they were also out of it. We decided to order tapsilog for my wife and me and tocilog for Angel. There was nothing extraordinary with the food except that it was filling. The meat would have tasted better  if it was cooked a little bit more and I don't understand why they had to put some sauce on it.

Nothing spectacular with the place except, as I said, for its layout and design. Next time we're in Paete, we'd probably try another place to eat. probably the chicken house across this place.

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