Saturday, July 16, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter, at last!

I am really not a big fan of Harry Potter (well, maybe he was cute when the series started, he he he) but my wife and daughter really liked him a lot. My wife so much so that she read almost all the HP books, which she borrowed from the public library while we were still in Australia.

I really have no choice but to watch the last HP movie with my wife and daughter at the Resorts World Manila cinema located on the 4th Floor of the RWM mall. We got there at around 1:15 PM and long line had already formed waiting to buy their tickets. All the four cinemas were showing the same movie. I would have preferred the Transformers, if only given the chance.

The schedule was printed and placed near the ticket seller. The schedule being shown on the screen was apparently not correct.

We picked the earliest show, which was 2:55 PM, and got the aisle seats second row from the exit. We  just  had enough time to have a quick lunch at McDonald's.

After a quickie lunch, we went to Cinema 2 where a line had already formed again while waiting for it to open.

The seats inside reclines as you rest your back to it and the rows are arranged so steep that everyone gets a good view of the movie wherever he is seated.
As I've said I am not a big fan of HP that I dozed off during Part I of the HP and the Deathly Hallows movie shown last year. Luckily, this part 2 has enough excitement to keep me awake during the more than 2 hours I was there.

I wouldn't delve much into the movie as some might not have seen it yet. Suffice it to say that there were some kissing, which my daughter refused to watch, ha ha ha.

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