Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pancitan sa United

Our househelp had left us two days ago and so we are again to become regular patrons of Bahay Pancitan, our friendly neigborhood food joint., here at United Hills Village in Paranaque City. We regularly go there, though not as often as when we lose our helper at home. The food is good, the price is right and its one of the nearest one in our place.

 They specialize in different pancits ( malabon,bihon, canton, miki bihon, etc.) in bilaos with prices ranging from P190 (good for 4) to the biggest at P675 (good for 20.

Of course, they also serve "silogs", lugaw, and other Filipino dishes at reasonable prices.

For lunch this Sunday, we had pork sinigang (pork cubes with vegetables in a sour broth) and crispy binagoongan (pork cubes with eggplant, slices of tomato and onion, mixed in a shrimp paste. We also ordered drinks, calamansi juice for my wife, iced tea for Angel and sago't gulaman for me.

It took a long while than usual before the food was served. Apparently, there were lots of orders for take out, today being a Sunday and most household helps are on leave.

The sinigang was a special request of Angel as she loves sabaw asim (that's what she used to call sinigang) while my wife  ordered the binagoongan not only because of the crispy pork but also because of the eggplant and bagoong. We shared  thetwo dishes among us.

Angel liked the sinigang so much that we had to take out the left over just for the broth. The crispy binagoongan was just right, crispy pork cubes with the bagoong not as salty as the last time we had it.

Feeling full, we paid for our meal, which cost a little over P300. and left the Pancitan very contented and satisfied.


Emelyn said...

P300? Wow! Meron bang ganito sa malapit sa WT?

Batangala said...

sa west triangle? parang meron eh.
malapit sa quezon av at edsa