Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend at the Luxe

We stayed at the Luxe Residences in Global City, Taguig this weekend, where they have 12 units of hotel rooms located on the 8th and 9th floor. The rest are condominium units, of which some are for long term lease. We had a 2 night stay there for the price of one night based on their rack rate which we got from an internet-based travel agency. I'd rather not mention or promote their name because of the way we were treated when we booked for our stay, the experience of which I don't want other to undergo too, he he he.

courtesy of global city hotel,
The checking in was kinda awkward. I had to park my car outside the hotel while I register. After filling up a form and given a choice to put a P2000 deposit or a valid id, the key was finally given to the hotel staff and that's when I got to park on the 3rd floor of the Luxe. The hotel staff was waiting at the parking area to carry our things which was only a backpack plus our two laptops.

After taking us to our room on the 9th floor and showing us the place, we started to unpack and check out our room.
room 909. the entrance
The kitchen comes with a full size fridge, a microwave oven and a two-burner electric stove. However, there are no pots, pans and plates. We had to request some plates for our use for dinner, which was pizza and chicken. There were only two sets of utensils already set up on the table. Apparently this was for our use for the complimentary breakfast, consisting of sandwiches and chips which we pre-order the night before and delivered to our room.
nice kitchen but lacks utensils

choice of sandwiches for breakfast
The bedroom has a double bed and a flatscreen tv. The single aircon which also cools the living/dining room is located inside the bedroom, which is a little bit noisy and would rather. The bed was  hard but the comforter was really comfy especially in the early morning when it becomes really cold.
angel trying out the bed

The bedroom is the only room with a window so one needs lights in the kitchen and living room all the time and also the door to the room has to be opened always to cool the rest of the unit.
the view from our bedroom
 The bathroom has a bathtub which we were not able to use but still clean considering that the place is still relatively new. The towels (cannon) are thick and still new. Only one small soap was provided so we had to buy at the nearby 711 shop.
la kubeta
The living/dining room feels crammed and would have preferred that the divider between it and the bedroom to be removed instead. It also had an LCD tv and a table set good for 2. There was no other table to put our computers so we usually had to use the table in the living room.

living/dining area with tv and dvd player

The place being more of a residential building does not have any other amenities except for the pool and the gym found on the 7th floor. It also has a function room, which we assume is used by residents for special events/occasions.
the pool at night. water too cold to swim in
the empty function room on the 7th floor

A convenience store is located just beside the next building for some drinks and food. Restaurants abound and are just about 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. Aside from McDonald's and Max's, most of the fastfood restaurants can be found along Rizal Avenue which is about 3 to 4 blocks away.

It was raining most of the time that we hardly left the room during our 3 day stay. The only time we left it was when we bought our dinner from the restaurants along Rizal Avenue. And the other time was when we checked out Metro Centrale which is a few blocks away from the hotel.

Many hotels/residences near the Luxe are either soon to open or under construction. Some of these are Best Western (F1), Shangri-la and Ascott.
Best Western Hotel. soon to open

Shangri-la hotel and residences. to open by 2015

Ascott by 2014
We checked out just before noon as we had to do the groceries and being a Sunday want to have some rest in preparation for the week ahead.

we didn't have to wait long for an elevator since there seems to be few people in the building

checking out

angel with antlers

The buy 1 take 1 weekend promo has been extended till the end of August. You can make your bookings directly at

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Beng Gee said...

Nice place but I'd rather choose a resort for a 2 night stay. But at least you have enjoyed the condo living in Global City. Haven't been there yet. From the looks of it, nights in the vicinity seems more active than days huh?!

Great shot of a beautiful family!

Btw, I took a peek on wordpress. Seems quite difficult to follow. But I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the tip.