Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Flat Bread - CDO's Answer to Yellow Cab?

On our last night in Cagayan de Oro, we went to the Limketkai Mall to have dinner.  Our daughter wanted to have Yellow Cab Pizza but we told her that we can always have it in Manila. Across the North Concourse of the mall is a line of restaurants and we saw this pizza joint which we was new to us.

The name of the place was Big Flat Bread and they offer their pizzas in 3 sizes: big (12 inches), bigger (18 inches), and biggest (30 inches).

The restaurant has about 5 to 7 tables on the ground floor and another similar number of tables on their mezzanine. They also have several tables outside for those who prefer to dine al fresco.

Since there were only three of us, we decided to just have a big pizza (heart attack) and an order of buffalo wings (10 pcs). We originally ordered soda but noticed pitchers of pink colored drinks being ordered by most of the customers. We found out later that it was called the Big Flat Cooler (four seasons) and changed our drinks to that one.

Our food took more than 30 minutes to be served. Worse, the wifi they said they have was down which made the waiting almost unbearable. After watching the other tables being served their food, ours finally arrived.

The pizza which was thin crust lacked the crispiness of Shakey's but tasted good and not as oily. The chicken wings consisted of about 7 pieces of leg portion and 3 pieces of wings. It was yummy especially when dipped in what seemed to be tartar sauce, although a little bit salty for my taste. The juice had the taste of the fruits mixed in it. We had to force ourselves to finish our food so that there would be no waste, he he he. Our bill came to less than P700 pesos.

For those interested to dine here, its right across the Limketkai (ketkai as locals call it) North Concourse entrance. The menu can be found hereunder:

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