Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Divisoria Night Cafe and Market in CDO, not in Manila

When one hears Divisoria in the Philippines, what comes to mind to most people is that bargain hunter's paradise in Manila where one can stretch his last peso to the limit.

However, the Divisoria we visited recently is the one in Cagayan de Oro and it is their Night Cafe and Market which is open for business only on Friday and Saturday nights. The place around Plaza Divisoria is full of food stalls selling mostly inihaw (barbecued) pork, chicken, and seafoods. while on the other side of the street, dry goods such as clothes, dvds, etc. are sold.

We had heard of the place prior to our visit in Cagayan de Oro and luckily for us, we went there on a Friday. So for dinner, we went to the night cafe. The problem with the night cafe is where and what to eat because of the number of stalls selling almost the same dishes.
We felt very safe there, especially after seeing lots of police posted in various place around the market.

On a side street, we also found street foods being sold and some people having their dinner while standing.

fried proven, an internal organ of a chicken, P5 per stick
slice of pan cake with cheese, P5 per slice
boiled peanuts beside the kwek kwek  (orange colored breaded egg) stand

unripe mangoes

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