Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Malacanang Museum Tour

It's been a long time since I've visited the Malacanang Palace. When the tour was still free and you get to visit the rooms of the Marcoses, including the Ceremonial Hall, Heroes Hall, etc.

Now, the Palace is no longer open to the public. Instead, a Presidential Museum and Library was established in the nearby Kalayaan Hall, which is just beside the Palace, where memorabilia from the former Presidents are displayed. It is no longer free (P50) and you have to set up an appointment 7 working days prior to the visit.

For those who are interested in visiting the museum, I have attached the request form. Just print and fill it up and email it to the presidentialmuseum@yahoo.com


melvin said...

sila ba ang magsasabi kung kelan ka pwede mag visit?o you can go there anytime you want as long as your request is approved?

Batangala said...

u have to write them at least 7 working days before the date you wish to visit and they will inform you if the date you have requested is still available. include in the request all your companion who will be visiting with you.

a proforma request letter is included in the post for your ready reference