Saturday, September 10, 2011

Buon Giorno Don Henrico

It has been ages since we last ate at Don Henrico's (not counting the birthday party we attended at DH in Tomas Morato Avenue a couple of months ago). In fact, the last time we ate pizza here was when it had an "Eat All You Can Pizza" promo at the Festival Mall several years ago. We've always passed by the one in SM MOA but had never actually tried it.

Today, we finally had lunch there. The owner (I think because he was not in uniform and kept on giving instructions to the wait staff) greeted us at the door and asked us to take a seat while our table is being cleaned and prepared. He gave us a menu so that we can check out what we would order later.
Finally, our table was ready and we were guided to our table. Browsing through the menu, we decided to have chicken fingers with potato wedges,  baked ziti and a pepperoni pizza. For drinks, Angel and I ordered bottomless iced tea (P70 each) while her mom had a can of rootbeer (P40). We were advised that it would take around 20 minutes for our ordera to be ready. We said it was ok.

For a Saturday, the restaurant was not as full as we would have expected. We were supposed to eat at the nearby Mang Insasal but the line was so long that its end was already outside their establishment.

The food took a lot less time than what we were told it would be served. The first to arrive was the baked ziti wth a slice of garlic bread (P280). The serving was large that unless you are just ordering this for yourself and you are my size , it really has to be shared. So that we did among the three of us. The only baked ziti I've tried so far was at Sbarro and by its taste and texture, I would say that this is as good if not better. It has lots of cheese, meat and quarters of mushrooms.

While we were trying to finish the pasta, next came the chcken fingers with potato wedges (P195). We were surprised to find out that the chicken looked more like a palm than a finger or a strip. I think there were four pieces. The chicken was tender and really yummy. It came with a ranchero ranch dressing but we still had some ketchup for the potato wedges

We were almost full when the pizza  (which was full of pepperoni, P250) was served. It was ten inches and had six slices. It was a good thing that we ordered the smallest size because we were not able to finish the pizza. My family loves pepperoni and they weren't disappointed to find so much of it in their pizza.

Except for the two slices of pizza, our plates were all empty. Very full, we left the restaurant.

Till next time, Don Henrico. Arrivederci.

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