Monday, September 26, 2011

What, where or who in the world is Batangala?

The Office of the President has suspended today, 27 September 2011, work in all government offices due to typhoon Pedring. With a lot of time in my hands, I tried googling the word batangala and found these entries:

I tried to click the first entry which, however, flagged a "trojan horse" so I didn't continue with it. It appears to be in Spanish though.

The next entry was which is also in Spanish and I think dealt with music and entertainment.

The third entry showed the photos of my multiply account :

The fourth entry showed batangala as a place somewhere in Sri Lanka:

While, the fifth entry showed  restaurant reviews of mine at www.munchpunch .com:

My blog came in only as the ninth entry. Actually, there are more than 9,000 entries when I typed the word "batangala" but I didn't bother anymore with the others. And all the while I thought that it is just another  Filipino word.

Have you tried googling your blog name? Or better yet, have you tried googling "google"? :)


Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Ah yes, sometimes when you do google your name and you thought it's unique. you'll get surprised by the results :-)

Batangala said...

actually, batangala was the nickname used by an mIRC friend of mine ages ago. i was just amused to find out that it was not just a filipino word but actually a place in sri lanka. :)