Thursday, September 1, 2011

Panagatan: Lunch by the Sea

On our last day in Cagayan de Oro, we decided to squeeze in a visit to the Malasag Eco-tourism Village and the Shrine of the Divine Mercy.

We only had about  five hours to spare before our flight back to Manila at 3:50 pm. We hired a taxi to give  us a quick tour of the Malasag Eco-tourism Village before visiting the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in El Salvador City.

Since the two are on the opposite directions of the CDO proper, our driver suggested that we have our lunch in one of the restaurants by the sea in the town of Opol after our visit to Malasag. Opol is the next town after CDO followed by El Salvador.

Across the Municipal Hall of Opol, one can find a number of restaurants on stilts.

Being in a hurry, we asked the waiter how long will it take for the food to be served. He said that if we do not order barbecued dishes, they can have it in 15 to 20 minutes. We ordered lechon kawali, calamares and pancit lauriat plus rice.

The place is quite spacious and the breeze from the sea is refreshing as the restaurant is standing on stilts and built on the water.

True to their promise, the food came just in time. Very hungry and due to limited time, we devoured everything quickly.

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