Monday, April 2, 2012

Pabasa ng Pasyon 2012

Ever since my mother's aunt passed away several years ago, the practice of holding the Pabasa ng Pasyon, or Pabasa for short, during holy week has been continued by my mother.

The Pabasa which is held at home starts at midnight of Holy Monday and usually ends at around 3 PM the following day, Holy Tuesday. People take turn reading the Pasyon ensuring that there is no interruption.

According to Wikipilipinas, the Pabasa is a "verse narrative about the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. The verses are structured in five-line stanzas, with each line containing eight syllables. It is commonly sung during the Holy Week. The reading of the Pasyon is a traditional religious practice in the Philippines and people gather around the reader of the Pasyon to listen and reflect. It is seen by many of its practitioners as a vow or panata." 
Shown below is a short clip on how the Pasyon is read/sung:

In a few days, we will be going to Pangil, Laguna, which in my opinion is the Penitensya Capital of Laguna, for our Holy Week vacation.

I will try to take new photos of penitents on the streets of Pangil.

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