Saturday, June 23, 2012

Late Lunch at Earle's Deli

When my wife suggested that we go to the Ayala Center to do our grocery and attend the anticipated mass at the Greenbelt Chapel, I thought it was an opportunity to use our voucher at Earle's Delicatessen. We had three of this which we bought at P65 each.had
Since my wife leaves work in a hotel in Pasay at 12:30 PM, we had lunch about an hour after we picked her up since we had to travel and walk to Greenbelt 1 from where we parked at Park Square 1 across SM Makati.

The Deli is not inside the Greenbelt 1 mall but instead outside it near Zagu, Binalot and Mercury Drug along Legaspi Street.

There was only one diner inside when we arrived. We immediately presented our vouchers and asked to have the three sandwiches offered: the beef pastrami, meat trio, and ham capicollo.
We looked for a table, but since as I've said there was only one person when we arrived we didn't have any difficulty finding one. There was about 6 to 7 tables each good for four.
Although we were the only people who had ordered at the time, the staff took a long time to prepare our sandwiches. While waiting, we noticed that people trickled in to have their sandwiches too.
Aside from sandwiches, they also sell party platters as well as various kinds of deli meats and I think also cheeses as well as other products as shown in one of their show cabinets.
 After a long white, our order finally came. I had the beef pastrami, Vangie had the ham capicollo and Angel had the trio meat.

The meat of the beef pastrami was unlike the other pastrami I've had before. The meat was a lot more tender than what I was used to. Also, the horseradish dressing used was not to the liking of my wife who had a taste of my sandwich. I love lettuce and I would have preferred the shredded iceberg lettuced used by Subway. No jalapeno and olives either. I think the order taker should ask what veggies and dressing the client would want. Only the bread was asked and they have only two kinds.
My wife had the ham capicollo which she put on a lot of mayo. She liked it but I find it a little bit salty.
Finally, our daughter had the meat trio, which consisted of maple smoked ham, beer sausage, pepper lyoner, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, honey mustard and cheese.
 One thing I can say is that they are generous with their meat but slow in service. And at P65 per sandwich, I would say it was a deal.

Would we go here again? If we have a lot of time and we happen to be in Makati again. Why not?


Tin | The Average Jane said...

I've tried Earle's once. It was ok. Guess I was just not used to their kind of sandwich yet. Personally, I still prefer Subway. Heheheh! =)

Batangala said...

We also love Subway. I remember back in Australia, we were always using the coupon behind our grocery receipt whenever we got a buy 1 take 1 offer from Subway.