Sunday, June 24, 2012

Savory Sunday Lunch

This Sunday, we had to bring Angel to the dermatologist at SM Bicutan to have her face checked because rashes started to appear on her skin since summer. When my wife and daughter finally saw the doctor and told the latter what the problem was, the dermatologist immediately said, "nagdadalaga na kasi siya." OMG, our daughter is turning into a woman? NO, not yet! Anyway, she was given an ointment, hypo soap and anstringent, which set back my wife more than P1,200. Good thing, I went to the toilet when paying time came, he he he.

Anyway, since it was already late, we decided to have lunch at the mall. My wife told me to foot the bill for our lunch since she had already spent a lot for our daughter's skin ointments. There was a long line in Mang Inasal although it was almost 2 PM. We chose to dine instead at Savory which is near the inasal restaurant.

Only a few tables were occupied as lunch time was already over. We chose a booth at the corner of the restaurant. We contemplated on what to order their combo meals good for 2 and for 1 or order ala carte and have the yang chow rice. We asked if we can upgrade our rice for the combo meals from steamed to yang chow and were informed that it is not possible. So, we ordered a ala carte even though it turned out more expensive.
We only ordered three items aside from their tropical cooler, which tasted like four seasons. The first one was of course the reason why we ordered ala carte: yang chow rice. The serving was big enough for the three of us. In fact, I had to finish off the left over because there was some still left. The shrimp, eggs, meat and veggies were just enough.
 The miki sate looked like it was sauteed miki (gisadong miki). The serving was small considering that Savory serves pansit aside from their famous chicken. It was just enough for the three of us. I like miki guisado very much and although it was a little on the greasy side, it was still ok for me.
 The last item we ordered was of course their famous fried chicken with its crispy skin ala peking duck. The gravy complemented the white meat which tasted a little bland for my taste.
Although it was already past 2, Angel seemed to still have no appetite that we had to force her eat her lunch.

Savory brings back old memories as I remember my late father bringing us chicken and pansit from Savory when were still children. We hope that our daughter will also like Savory the way I did when I was still a kid


T said...

Sarap sa Savory! Favorite din namin ng anak ko ang yang chow fried rice kahit saan resto. Masarap din chicken nila pero personally, I like Max's fried chicken better/more.

Beng Gee said...

How time flies quickly talaga! Imagine, dalaga na si Angel mo?!! And look at her in that pic, she looks lovely! Ganda ng combination nyo ng mom nya.
And those food you ordered, all are my faves! Never yata nawala yang mga iyan everytime we eat out. I have good memories of Savory in Escolta. Haha, nung unang panahon pa yun! ...bata pa si Sabel. Lol!

Hope is well with you! Happy TGIF for tomorrow. hehe..

Batangala said...

Hi Ta,

Max's pa rin shempre pag friend chicken. In fact, we've gone a long way since my elementary days. Yun na baon ko pag field trips kasi sha lang ang open ng ganung kaaga. Ung miki sate naman nila baka naman wrong spelling lang.. sauteed miki or ginisang miki, he he he. shempre yang chow kasi is a meal by itself na.. me kanin at ulam na..

Batangala said...

Naku Beng, my late father used to bring home food from Savory after work kaya mejo memorable din ang Savory. I don't think i have been to that one in Escolta although I think it's their first outlet, right? i remember seeing it when we go to chinatown or divisoria.

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Love Savory! They have one of the best fried chickens and pancit canton ever! =)

Batangala said...

They sure do. Thanks for visiting Tin :)