Friday, June 22, 2012

Post-Summer Vacay in Boracay - Part 2

On our third day, we decided to start the day with a buffet breakfast at La Carmela. For P100, we upgraded our set breakfast to this. The spread consisted of pancit miki, chicken adobo, glazed pineapple and eggs (scrambled and sunny side up). There were also rice, toasts and butter with unlimited brewed coffee and what tasted like "Eight O'Clock" orange drink.
After breakfast, we went to the beach infront of the hotel again to take a quick dip.

We had visited the old talipapa during our first visit to Boracay and before it got burned. So we went to check out the place. It's now between Sands Hotel and another accommodation. It's not as busy as it was when we last saw it. Only souvenirs and clothes are now being sold.

After lunch, we decided to go back to our room and had some siesta before going to mass, which according to the people we asked was 5PM. Before 5 PM, we went out to the road where tricycles ply the route. We hailed one and told the driver to drop us off at the church. When we got there, we paid him P10 each. We got there a little past 5 but we noticed that the mass was about to end.
We checked the schedule of masses posted near the entrance of the church and luckily there was one last mass at 5:30 PM. After the earlier mass ended, we looked for chairs to sit on and wait for the next mass.
After mass, we again to a tricycle to D' Mall, where we bought our drinks including our breakfast, which consisted of baked beans, sausages, bread and chocolate drink. The bread we bought from Julie's Bakeshop while the rest were brought from a grocery near the bakeshop.
For dinner, we again used our Shakey's Supercard where we bought 2 large pizzas and a 1.5L Coke for a little over P400. All of these we consumed in the comfort our hotel room.
Just some scenes taken from the beach.
The next morning, our last day at La Carmela, we woke up early and had breakfast in our room with the food we bought the night before. After eating, we went to the beach right away before checking out at 11 AM. I forgot to mention that there is a rental fee for a beach towel at P50 each.
We went back to our room after about an hour to take our shower, pack our bags and check out of the hotel. After checking out, we brought our things to the hotel besides La Carmela: Alice in Wonderland Hotel. We got the room at about P1,700 per night which is way cheaper than their rack rate and is available only for walk-in guests. I guess the logic is, its better to charge at a lower rate than leaving the room empty and not earning. No inclusions except that it has free wifi, which is quite fast. It has only 19 rooms and the place is quiet as compared to La Carmela. It's also just across the police station, giving one a sense of security.

I bought our lunch from Andok's, which is just a few minutes walk from the hotel and again had it in our air-conditioned room. They have a pool but located in a different venue: the Alice in Wonderland Resort, which is a few minutes away from the hotel. We passed on going swimming but instead watched TV and slept in our room till dinner time.

For our last dinner in Boracay, we decided to go buffet and ate at the Sunset Grilled Buffet, again just a few minutes walk from the hotel. It's still the same price (P295 each) as when we ate there last year. The only difference was our daughter had to pay 50% off while she was still free last year.

The buffet spread consisted of pansit bihon and spaghetti, inihaw na liempo, lechon, pork barbecue, grilled tuna, sweet and sour fish, chopsuey, kaldereta, fried chicken, soup, plus grilled oysters and clams. fruit cocktail for dessert and all you can drink iced tea.
To end the night, we watched firedancers at the Bamboo Bar. We ordered a margarita, light beer and mango juice for our daughter.
After finishing our drinks, we decided to call it a day as we planned to have our last dip in the sea before finally going back to Manila. Unfortunately, when we woke up it was raining. We opted to stay in bed but later on it stopped and the sun came out. We no longer had the interest to go for a swim. We instead had our breakfast at Andok's ordering silogs.

We strolled along the beach and saw the wave bigger than the previous 3 days and wished that we had braved earlier going to the beach and swim.
We went back to our hotel to take a shower, again pack our bags and check out. Still not wanting leave Boracay just yet, we left our things at the hotel to have lunch first and told them that we will be back for it at around 2 PM.

We walked towards D' Mall to have lunch but most of the restaurants were full. We had lunch at Jammer's instead. It was in front of the D' Mall and had a view of the sea and the breeze was strong.
 Except for the location of the restaurant, the food served was ordinary. I just wished that we just ate at Yellow Cab Pizza. Or why doesn't Boracay have any Mcdonald's or Jollibee outlets? ha ha ha
We finished a little before 2 PM and went back to the hotel to pick our bags for our trip back to Kalibo where we will catch our plane to Manila. We took our banca ride at the Tambisaan Jetty Port, instead of Cagan, because of the strong westerly winds. 
We also landed on a different port on the mainland, where we took our van going to Kalibo.
The trip to Kalibo was pretty uneventful and check-in was amazingly a breeze. We had more than an hour to waste in the airport and luckily our plane arrived almost on time.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Till our next trip which hopefully will be soon.

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