Friday, July 20, 2012

Sands of Time

Nope, I am not referring to the video game of Prince of Persia but about the small sample of sands I have collected from various beaches that I've been to over a period of 9 years.

I love beaches. I love the waves hitting the beach or me while I swim near the shore. I love feeling the sand under my feet.

So, to remind me of the beaches that my family had been to, I've started collecting a little sand from each of them. Whether it's gray, black, cream or white. Coarse or powdery, I try to get some, that is if I don't forget to collect some.

I've only started my collection when our daughter was about 2 years old. To date, I've about 20 small bottles of them. It would have been more if only I remember to get some everytime we visit a beach.

So, what are the advantages of collecting sand?
  1.  It doesn't spoil.
  2. Small and convenient to transport.
  3. Practically, no cost.
  4. The collection is nice to use as a wall filler.
  5. Not prone to theft like my coin collection (a former household apparently is also interested in becoming a numismatist, he he he) 
  6. If you're fed up with your collection, you can use everything in preparing concrete or probably in an aquarium
  7. Maintenance free
If you can think of other advantages, feel free to add here :)


T said...

use the sand as refill for the cat's litter box, perhaps? hehe. maganda din i-collect beach pebbles.

Batangala said...

he he he.. pwede rin.. pebbles? parang mas mabigat yata un, ha ha ha

Beng Gee said...

Aha!! so you're one of the culprits pala why Boracay's sands have receded ha?! Lol!
Kidding aside, why didn't I think of that before. I should have had an enormous collection by now if I had started it since I was young. You just gave me a nice idea there Noel. Lalo natin pakontiin ang sands ng Boracay. hehe..
Indeed a better alternative sa coin collection.

Have a great week!

Batangala said...

naku Beng. di naman ganun karaming sand kinukuha ko dahil mabigat din sha, he he he. maganda lang kasi to compare the roughness and hue of sands from various places. FYI, 2 lang collection ko from boracay, 1 each from stations 1 and 2, ha ha ha

melvin said...

this is something i'd like to do kaso takot ako baka mahold sa airport.hindi ka ba nahuli sa airport.

melvin said...

how come mas maputi yung sa bantayan kesa sa boracay?

Batangala said...

i don't take a lot of sand naman. just a small bottle. pero lately, i haven't been getting samples na. plan ko kasi is to use small test tubes para konting-konti lang talaga ang kelangan ko.

the sand of boracay seems to be darker than in bantayan because the forrmer was taken a long time ago. nag discolor na ung plastic bottle, he he he