Sunday, July 29, 2012

Army Navy: Burger + Burrito

After the wife and daughter had their hair done at a salon in Better Living, we decided to have lunch at the restaurant just beside it.

We've already tried Army Navy once at their Dela Salle outlet and I was never really impressed with it but my wife and daughter insisted on eating there. So being outvoted, I hesitantly agreed.
The trademark of the restaurant is its shape: a quonset hut. A type of structure popular with the US Army during World War II due to the ease of its construction.

It was past 12 when we had lunch and there was just a couple inside about to finish theirs. After checking out the menu posted on top of the counter, my wife approached the staff and started to order.
My daughter had a  cheeseburger (P185), a quarter pounder with veggies, which except for the onions. she surprisingly ate.
My wife and I shared a burrito and a soft taco. The order of chicken soft taco (P145) consisted of three small soft flour tortillas and filled with chicken meat, onions, cheese and some herbs. It came with some salsa and a slice of lime. We rolled the soft tortilla to form a shawarma like roll and put some garlic sauce. It was easily devoured with me having 2 of them.
The steak burrito (P175), which came sliced into two, was also shared by my wife and me. It's made of flour tortilla with strips of beef, spanish rice, beans, onions, lettuce and cilantro. It was also served with salse and a slice of lime. It's been a long time since I've had a burrito and it was a welcome treat. My only comment was that some of the meat were a bit tough that I had a hard time chewing them.
A side order of Freedom Fries (P65), their version of french fries, completed our meal. It was crispy and thin reminding me of the Picnic potato strings.

Soda (P40 each) and Minute Maid (P40) were drank to down all our food.

We left the restaurant totally full, forgetting that there was a birthday party for my mother at home afterwards.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

love their burger & fries!

Batangala said...

we also loved the fries. as for the burger? well we thought we would be able to have a bite but my daughter finished it all by herself. last night we had cheeseburger for dinner. after finishing her sandwich, she told us that she wants another one, ha ha ha..

Ascertain Bliss said...

seems like outnumbered ka ( my husband definitely cud relate to you:)sa family mu, esp. pag girlsbusiness such as salon time ;))

Batangala said...

di naman gaano. my wife wanted to have other things done to her hair but i was adamant for them to just have their haircut since we were in a hurry, ha ha ha

T said...

i also love their fries!

Batangala said...

the fries have it. yup, it's kinda different from the other fries we've had. bitin nga lang isang order, he he he

Beng Gee said...

Haven't encountered yet one Army Navy Burger store. I would surely try their burger and fries, if ever. I love burritos too, or lahat yata ng kinain nyo dito type ko eh! haha.. tapos affordable pa ang price.

Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom! I guess, fave nya ang McDo!

Have a great day despite typhoon Gener!

Batangala said...

thanks for the greetings. since she broke an arm and a leg and started using the wheelchair she rarely goes out of the house. so the siblings thought of bringing mcdo at home for her and her apos :).

Farida said...

I've visited their branch in SM North Edsa and their starving sailor is something I'd like to try again. If you're fond of burgers you can try Chairlie's Grind and Grill along Ortigas Ave. Everything they offer there is scrumptious! :)

Batangala said...

thanks Farida for the recommendations. i'll probably try their starving sailor next time we get a chance to eat there. Charlie's Grind and Grill maybe a little far from us but I will try to keep that in mind. thanks again