Friday, July 13, 2012

A Taste of Thai - Sen Lek Thai Noodle

We decided to have dinner at BF Home Sucat tonight to celebrate my wife's birthday. A VT buddy recommended that we eat at Tito Chef Restaurant along President Avenue. Unfortunately, there was no available parking and the place looked full. So we decided to cruise along the avenue looking for an alternative place to eat.

My wife didn't fancy any of the restaurants along President Avenue but said she saw a Thai restaurant and wanted to try that instead. As I was driving, I told her to tell me if we are near the restaurant so I can slow down to where it is. Surprisingly, it was just beside Tito Chef Restaurant and there were available parking spaces. No longer thinking twice, we immediately parked in front of it.
The interior is well lighted with about three booths beside the window and a number of tables by the wall and in the middle. We were hoping to get a booth but all were occupied so we contented ourselves to a table at the back.
No menus were available except for the one behind the cashier counter. One just has to order, pay and you're given a number and wait for your food to be delivered, just like Chowking. The only difference is the food doesn't take too long to be prepared and served.
For appetizer, we ordered their spring roll (P70 for 4 pieces). Good thing our daughter didn't like it because it has veggies, ha ha ha. So my wife and I had two each. The wrapper was crunchy, the filling ok, but the sweet chili sauce was just too sweet.
We also ordered the meat ball thai noodles (P70). It has around four meat balls with flat noodles and a sour soup base. I noticed that none of the food were spicy although a bottle of chili powder was in each table probably to suit diner's taste.
For the three of us, we ordered thai bagoong rice (P120), pad thai (P90), and chicken kao pad (P100).
 I am not a thai food person, but would have pizza and mexican dishes, so I cannot compare it with food from other thai restaurants. I love bagoong rice and with a few spoonfuls I had eaten, I liked their version. But the wife disagreed and said that the bagoong used was a little too "fishy" tasting.
I think this was the first time I tried pad thai. The portion was just enough for me and the peanut, chicken, noodles and veggies complemented each other very well.
Our daughter had the chicken kao pad but I also had a taste of it. It reminded of nasi goreng that I had at Saucemate except that this one, as I've said earlier, was not spicy. My daughter complained that there were few chicken pieces that what was left for her was the rice.
We also ordered three thai iced tea (P40 each). We asked for extra ice, because it was just not cold enough for our taste.
We stayed for a little while, watching people come and go but the restaurant still remained half-filled. The service was quick, the price is just right and the food was also alright as far as I am concerned.
Will we come back again? Maybe, but there are still a lot of food establishments in BF Homes Sucat to try out. Probably next time, we will check out its neighbor, Tito Chef instead.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

i liked their noodle soup too!! gotta try pad thai next.

Beng Gee said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your lovely wife, Noel!

Those Thai foods you had all look good and yummy! I think I would like to try that pad thai. The place looks very cozy. I had tried Thai Noodles in My Thai here in SM Frvw. Sadly, di ko sya type kasi I'm not used to its spices.
Cheap lang kasi ang taste buds ko eh. hehe..

Have a great Sunday Noel!