Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angel's 11th Birthday

Weeks before Angel's planned skating party to celebrate her 11th birthday, we had already bought some vouchers and informed her classmates, cousin and a friend's daughter about the event. We decided to do it yesterday, since we will be going to Singapore on her actual birthday on the 29th of November.

Unfortunately, when we got there, there was a figure skating competition and so the rink was closed to the public. When I asked what time the competition would finish, I was informed that the skating rink will be open to the public at 4PM. We immediately informed Angel's friends about the problem but they still agreed to go and celebrate Angel's birthday just the same.
Since most of them arrived at about past 11 AM, we decided to have lunch first so that we can plan what activity they can do for the day. We went to Pizza Hut Bistro and ordered a meal for 12 persons. However, Angel's cousin called that they can't make it for lunch so there were lots of food left for us to take home.

Since, they have not been to Robot Zoo, we thought it best to take them since we thought of them enjoying as well as discovering about animals. We passed by the mall on the way to the Robot Zoo which is at the 2nd level of the Entertainment Centre of SM MOA.

Entrance to the Robot Zoo costs P200 per person. There are no toilets inside and you can only go out to go to the girl's room. Otherwise, that's it. You can't come in again.
I gave our daughter a camera to record their tour and told them to call us if ever they feel going to the toilet or want to leave already. We left them on their own so they will have time on their own while we were just a few stores away.
And what was the verdict of the 3 Grade V and a Grade III student about the zoo? Booooringggggggggg, ha ha ha

Fortunately, when we dropped by the skating rink at about past 2 PM, we saw that the competition was already over so we hurriedly returned to the kids to tell them about the good news. We asked them if they wanted to go skating instead and all replied excitedly: YES!!!

I presented the vouchers and one by one they got stamped in their hands and allowed in where they borrowed their skating shoes and finally go skating.
Finally, after an hour, Angel's cousin finally arrived and she started changing to her skating shoes and followed suit.
Just before 5 PM, the 5 kids called it a day and Angel's 2 classmates were fetched by their parents, while her cousin and my friend's daughter decided to still go on skating.

Finally, after 6 PM, we all went home.


Ascertain Bliss said...

happy bday to angel. that's a cool bday idea. my daughters are so much older than your daughter and not once they had tried ice skating @ sm. I did, however. decades ago when it was newly introduced here at Ph. there was only one then, at Megamall.

Batangala said...

thanks mylene. just like your daughtes, i have't tried ice skating yet. my daughter usually skates whenever we happen to get the tickets from group buying sites at P250 which is normally sold at P380.

I remember the one at SM Megamall. That's where she learned how to skate in 2004 when she was just about 4 years old. Sadly, it has been closed now.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Noel! Belated Happy Birthday to your pretty princess, Angel. You are probably in Singapore by now and having fun. Enjoy your Singapore vacation!

Batangala said...

thanks beng. just got back 2 days ago. was so tired that i had to go another day on leave. kapagod to cover 3 places in 6 days: SG, Melaka and KL. i guess i am not getting any younger, ha ha ha