Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bound for Bondi Beach

July 5, 2005

After catching some sleep in the train from Melbourne, we finally arrived back in Sydney. Since we still have a day to spend here, we decided to use the last voucher that came with the train pass we bought: a return bus fare to Bondi Beach, the world famous beach.
Arriving in Sydney Central Station
For breakfast, we bought some burgers at a nearby McDonald's and soda in a 7-11 Store
Since it's winter time, the beach was deserted except for some brave few souls surfing the waves
A sign Angel learned when we first went to Sydney and saw a lot of Asians doing the victory sign
Too cold even to dip the feet in the waters

Taken at a mall on our way back to the Sydney Central Station
the Burger King is names Hungry Jack in Australia
After getting back to the train station, I decided to take a shower. It has shower facilities for a fee as well as storage lockers.
 Finally, we had to board the train. Our two-week vacation finally over, we have to return back to reality.
We had seats facing each other and since the train was not full, we occupied the four seats

Note: This blog is based on our 2 week travel by train/bus in 2005 from Brisbane-Blue Mountains-Canberra-Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane and the events are based on memory. Some omissions may have been inadvertently made.

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Beng Gee said...

Wahh..miss ko na ang Australia! Nice photos you and the family have here, Noel! Good for you that you already have digicam then. Yung photos namin forever na lang sa album.. di pa kasi digital at wala din kami scanner now. huhu.. Sana makabalik pa ulit kami sa Australia. Ganda dun 'no?

Hey, isa't kalahating tulog na lang ah.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! might as well greet you now. More blessings of good health and abundance of wealth. And also endless love all your life!
Stay happy!

Batangala said...

hello beng. yup, we were lucky to have stayed there for a year and a half. gusto rin sana namin makabalik.

alam mo bang habang papalapit na ang takdang araw ay biglang naglalabasan na ang sakit ng katawan ko? ha ha ha

have a wonderful week ahead :)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

The bus looks so comfy. Wonder if our coasters to far provinces are also as comfortable. =)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Sorry! I just saw your comment on my post regarding spending your daughter's birthday in SG. You might want to go to SG zoo. I hear they provide free entrance if its your birthday. You have to research lang on the exact details through their site. Can't remember where I read it na kasi and what they require you to show as proof. =)

Advance happy birthday again to your daughter! =)

Batangala said...

it's not a bus. its an interstate train :). we were low on funds and wanted to see as many places as we can, so we chose to buy a two-week train pass.

we had four seats facing each other so we can stretch our legs on the seat in front of us. not as comfortable a sleeper coach, but what the heck. pag maliit ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot, he he he

Batangala said...

i've read somewhere about those birthday freebies but unfortunately we will be arriving late in the afternoon so the only thing we can go to is the night safari which I don't think is part of our budget, ha ha ha. maybe a quiet dinner in a hawker centre? ha ha ha..not gonna happen? he he he. let's see :)