Thursday, December 6, 2012

SG-Melaka-KL Trip Day 1 (Bound for SG)

November 29, 2012 (Thursday)

Our trip to Singapore and Malaysia had finally ended as quicky as it had started. What took about a year to plan was through after a 6 day tour of Singapore, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. Our first day started with us waking up early even though our flight was still at around 12 noon. Since it was our first time to use the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) in Pampanga, we decided to leave Manila early.

We took a bus at the Victory Liner bus terminal in Pasay and was told to take the Dagupan bound bus as this will pass by the Dau Terminal. From there, one has to walk out of the terminal and turn left. There is a queue of air-conditioned jeepneys waiting for passengers bound for the airport. I think it costs P100 each for 25 minute trip.
Upon arrival at the airport and x-ray of the luggages, we went to a counter and paid for our travel tax. It's P1,620 per adults and slightly lower for kids. Since the check-in counter was still closed, we get copies of the immigration cards and filled it up while waiting. 

Upon checking-in, we proceeded to the gate and paid for the terminal fee and then queued to have our passport and immigration card checked by the immigration officer. If you are a government employee, make sure you have a travel authority to avoid the hassle of explaining to the officer. Upon stamping of the passport, we were at last free to go inside and wait for our boarding call.

Since the budget terminal was under renovation, we got off at Changi Airport Terminal 2. I have not been to the budget terminal but I am sure Terminal 2 is better. When we reached the immigration counter, there were long lines of passengers waiting for their papers to be processed. It did not take long though as the immigration officers were efficient with their job.
After immigration, we passed by the duty free shops and then proceeded to the MRT station to catch the train going to the city. We had to change at least 2 trains before we got to the Orchard Station, where Marriott Hotel is located.
 Upon arrival at the Orchard Station, we had to look for the exit which took us to our hotel. Checking in was easy and fast. We were given complimentary welcome drinks and wifi access to our room.

Our room was located on the 15th floor and had two beds, one for my wife and me, while the other for our daughter.
After resting for a while, we went to Lucky Plaza to have our dinner and have some money changed to SG dollars.
My daughter had roasted chicken rice, my wife had thai fried rice and I had steamed chicken rice. Our daughter would have chicken on almost all meals that we will have.

 For drinks, we tried the lime juice and bandung, a drink consisting of milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup, which gives it a pink color.
After dinner, we went for a stroll along Orchard Avenue and window shopped some to while our time.
Totally exhausted from the whole day activities, we retired to our room and to prepare for our visit to the Universal Studio Singapore the following day.

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Beng Gee said...

Wow, still fresh from SG, My and Melaka. What else is interesting in Malaysia apart from the Petronas Tower? Parang wala kasing ganong inviting place ang Malaysia that I know of e. Is there?

Can't wait to see photos of your trip.

Have a great week ahead, Noel!

Batangala said...

Malaysia? Ang alam ko marami rin naman makikita since mas malaki ito sa SG. Ang problema lang ay its the year-end sale and my two girls all wanted to see were the malls and department stores, ha ha ha.

i have posted some of the pix in FB. still haven't got the time to collect my thoughts eh, ha ha ha..

thanks for visiting and have a great week ahead as well.

Farida said...

Finally this trip has materialized and the photos I'm seeing spells a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e!

It must also be more appealing to the senses to visit those countries at this time of the year because of the Christmas season.

I am looking forward to read about your other escapades. I'm sure you had so much fun though it was tiring =)

Batangala said...

Thanks Farida. Yup, it was tiring alright but it also gave us a lot of time for each other. The Christmas lights in Orchard Road is a sight to behold and so is the year-end sale in KL which my wife surely loved, ha haha