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Canberra: Australian Capital Territory

June 25 - 26, 2005

Since Canberra was within the area covered by our train pass (via a bus), we decided to include it in our itinerary. Again, a former classmate offered their abode for our 2-night stay there. However, the planned bus trip from Sydney to Canberra did not materialize. Instead, my ex-classmate in Sydney offered to drive us to Canberra to also meet our classmate there. Apparently, they have no idea of each other's presence in Australia.

When we got to my friend's home in Canberra, we were showed to our room. After a few niceties, he invited us to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
After lunch, we went to the Federal Parliament Building. Being a weekend and no sessions were held, we were free to roam around the complex.

To distinguish the two houses, the Upper House is colored red, while the Lower House is in green.
From the facade of the building, we can see the Old Parliament Building and the War Memorial.
To end the day, we went to the Telstra Tower, reputedly the tallest structure in Canberra. From here you can see a 360 degree view of the surroundings.
Alas, my Sydney classmate had to bade goodbye as he still has to return to Sydney before night fall.

At home, my daughter met my classmate's children who were almost her own age. They played for a while before we called it a night.
The following morning right after breakfast, we went out again to see some more places of interest. First, was the old Parliament Building which I think had been turned into a museum. Right outside it, one can see the tent embassy of the Australian aborigines.
We also stopped by a lake which was one of the source of water of Canberra.
After lunch, our last stop was the War Memorial. My daughter and my classmate's daughter had a great time exploring the place. Checking our military vehicles and other stuff and pretending to be war volunteers.

The following day, my friend dropped us off at the bus station where we were to catch the bus to a  station to catch our train going to Melbourne.

Note: This blog is based on our 2 week travel by train/bus in 2005 from Brisbane-Blue Mountains-Canberra-Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane and the events are based on memory. Some omissions may have been inadvertently made.

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