Monday, December 26, 2011

Angel and the Flip

On the last day of work before Christmas, Angel tagged along to our office to join us in a sort of Christmas party in the afternoon. To keep her busy and at the same time leave me alone while I worked in the morning, I asked her to take a video of all of my officemates. It was the first time my daughter had the chance to use the Flip.

The Flip Video Ultra HD Video Camera (3rd Generation) was sent by my sister from the States this month. We bought it from Amazon via credit card and had it mailed to her postal address in California. The video cam is easy to operate that my daughter had a blast using it. There are no other buttons to use except the red one to record and stop and of course the on/off switch.

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The Flip, from Cisco, has a 1280 x 720 resolution with an 8 GB internal flash memory which can shoot up to 2 hours of HD video, although the battery doesn't last that long, i think. In case you ran out of power, you can use three "AAA" battery by replacing its battery infront of the camera. It also has image stabilization feature which minimizes handshake movement.

It is best used in bright location as the resolution turns bad in dark or dim places. The only problem I had was uploading it to youtube. It seems that youtube does not recognize the mp4 format of the Flip.

As for Angel's first video, well,  this was the result of her two minute masterpiece:

By the way, after our "party", Undersecretary Laura Pascua came and had some merienda while Angel played for her, together with Assistant Secretary Amlet Castillo and my boss, Assistant Director Cloty Drapete. This was her piece which she played nervously, ha ha ha


Tita Beng said...

What a cool gadget you got there! I'm sure Angel is enjoying it much!

How was your New Years Eve? Did you light lots of firecrackers? 'Hope it was safely enjoyed!

Happy New Year!

Batangala said...

We stayed on the 23rd floor of the Atrium Hotel and had a good view of the fireworks around metro manila. some of the photos maybe viewed in our FB account:

Happy New Year Beng and regards to your family :)