Saturday, December 10, 2011

Burgoo: Not your average burger restaurant

The first time we ate at Burgoo, I thought that it was a play on the word burger and specializes in tt. It does serve burgers and a whole lot more American food. Burgoo, I was to find out later in the Burgoo's website, is a stew which originated from Kentucky and originally was prepared using different meat, which includes goat, squirrel, deer or any game caught during the day and mixed with different vegetables, herbs and spices.

The first time we ate there was when we used a voucher from the kit of the SM Advantage Card (SMAC). I think you get an entree of similar value free when you order at least one entree. We ordered their Boneless Buffalo Chicken (BBC) and Supreme Sampler. We got a pizza for free. We never got a chance to dine in there until now. Angel particularly liked the BBC and whenever we are in SM MOA and asked her what she wants for lunch she would always mention Burgoo because of that chicken.

The round tables in the middle of the restaurant reminds me of a Chinese restaurant. The only thing missing are those lazy susans in the center of the round tables. We always prefer a booth as this gives us a little feeling of  privacy.

Instead of the usual table cloth, the tables are covered with disposable paper which kids can use to draw with the crayons provided. After a group has eaten, all the waiter has to do is fold the paper and the table is clean again.

Before we ordered I asked the wait staff if the Citibank Credit Card has a promo for Burgoo diners. We were informed that we get a free Large Szechuan Steak Linguini for a purchase of an entree with the same or higher value. With our daughter's favorite chicken, we also ordered the Shrimps and Rib Platter. With the pasta, we decided thought that our food would be more than enough.

The first to arrive was a plateful of the Boneless Buffalo Chicken. We immediately shared the chicken, which was tender and a little spicy, and most of all: boneless. The ranch sauce was a perfect partner for the chicken.

Next to arrive was the Rib and Shrimp Platter. It came with fries and instead of the corn on the cob, there was a bowl of corn and carrots. My wife liked the barbecued baby back ribs. However, there was not much meat to get from the ribs and it was a little tough. The Cajun spiced fried shrimps were crispy and quickly vanished as there were around 10 small pieces of it or less.

We were about to finish our meal when the free pasta arrived. After the first bite, it reminded me of the Charlie Chan pasta from Yellow Cab. It also had peanuts but less. It was not as spicy though. The thinly sliced beef mixed in the pasta was tender and tasty. We tried to finish it even though we were almost full.

The bill was a little bit beyond our usual budget but we splurge once in a while and this is one of those times. Feeling full, we paid the bill and tried to strolll around the mall to burn off some of those calories.


T said...

Ah ganun ba? I also thought that Burgoo meant burger. I didn't know that it was named after a stew. Thanks for sharing.

Batangala said...

actually, based on my research, its called kentucky burgoo, named after the place where it originated