Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angel's 10th Birthday Celebration in Dumaguete City

On the third day of our vacation, we returned to Dumaguete to celebrate Angel's 10th Birthday. We usually go out-of-town during the end of November as part of Angel's birthday.

After our Siquijor trip, we requested Bethel Guest House to have their shuttle pick us up at the pier. After checking in, I went down to Shakey's Restaurant which is just across the hotel to buy pizzas. Fortunately, I have a Pizzanatic Super Card, so I ordered a large Hi Protein thin crust pizza and got a large pepperoni pizza for free. Lunch is served.

We stayed in our room until the weather outside got a little cooler. After which, we returned again to Sans Rival to have some cakes and pastries to celebrate Angel's 10th Birthday.

After having our fill of sweets, we decided to check out the newest mall in town: Robinson's. We took a tricycle going there and fare was less than P10 each. It was not as big as malls in Manila but I guess is adequate for a city of this size. It's a two-storey mall with a department store, cinemas, grocery and other specialty stores.

Inside the mall, we found out there was a branch of Sans Rival. If only we knew, we would have went there straght instead of the original store.

Bongbong's also has a store here selling freshly cooked piaya. They also sell other popular pasalubong items, like butter scotch, otap, dried mango, etc. Hot piaya is sold at P4 and P4.50 for original and ube, respectively.

A store selling cane vinegar with spices aside from muscavado and other sugar-based products were sold in  a stall. I would have wanted to buy a bottle of the vinegar but worried that it might break during our travel back to Manila.

After malling, we went to the plaza to visit the Cathedral. When we got to the plaza, i talked to a multi-cab driver and asked him how much would it cost if he was to take us to Bais City and back to Dumaguete as well as to the airport after we check out of the hotel. After some negotiations, we agreed on the amount of P1,400. He was to pick us up at the hotel at 4:30 AM the following morning for our trip to Bais.

After praying in the Cathedral, we proceeded to the McDonald's and asked if they can deliver our food to the hotel after 2 hours as we are still full and we wanted to have some hot meals. They agreed and so we paid for our order.

We went back to the hotel to take a shower, watch television and wait for our dinner. We tried to went to bed early as we have to wake up early for the Bais trip.

Dumaguete/Siquijor/Bais Trip - Day 3    


Tita Beng said...

It's really nice to celebrate by going out of town. This is surely one amongst the memorable birthdays Angel had! Belated happy birthday to your pretty daughter!

Batangala said...

thanks beng. the problem is angel gets sad when the vacation is about to end :(