Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zugbu Liempo: Tastier than Cebu Lechon?

We were finally able to use the voucher, worth P300 of Zugbu Liempo, which I bought for P50. I had made an earlier post about this. It was an unplanned purchase.

Earlier, we left SM MOA at around 6:30 PM and found ourselves in an almost standstill when we reached the Macapagal corner EDSA as the traffic was really heavy. Thinking of another way to get home in the Bicutan area, we weighed our options. First, we continue with EDSA and hope that traffic lightens up after EDSA corner Taft. Second, we turn left in Macapagal Avenue and right to Gil Puyat (Buendia) Avenue passing by a Bazaar in World Trade Center until we reached SLEX. And thirdly, do a  u-turn at the slot in front of Heritage Hotel and turn right to Roxas Boulevard and turn right again at Libertad Street going straight until we reached SLEX.
I asked my wife if she has the voucher in the bag and when she said yes, i finally decided to take the third option. We were lucky, the traffic along Libertad/Arnaiz Avenue was lighter than in EDSA and I am sure not as heavy as along Gil Puyat. We also had the chance to finally use the voucher.

The place is not hard to find. Its just across the San Ildefonso Church along Arnaiz Avenue near SLEX. The store is like the other litson manok shops like Andok's, Baliwag, etc. However, instead of  charcoal, they use ovens using LPG. Aside from the lechon manok and liempo, they also have softdrinks and puso, rice wrapped in coconut leaf and shaped like a heart. A few tables are laid in front for dine in customers.

We presented our voucher but was told that it would still take about 15-30 minutes before the lechons are cooked. We chose to wait as we're not sure on when we can drop by the place again. There were only two chickens and two liempos in the oven during the time that we ordered. Soon afterwards, they skewered some more chickens and liempo and put them in the oven.

After chopping the chicken and limepo, they were wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in separate paper bags before putting the two inside a plastic bag. We immediately went home as we haven't had our dinner yet. Traffic going to Bicutan was surprisingly very light.

Since there was no lechon sauce included, we prepared our own sauce made of vinegar, chili, garlic and soy sauce. The verdict? It's different from the other liempos and chicken we've had here. The meats were rubbed with some herbs and spices which I am not familar with but the result is they're more tasty. Even without lechon or our own sauce, you can readily have it.

The skin of the liempo was crispy and the meat tender and juicy. It was chopped so fine that it might have been good as pica-pica.

The chicken was also tender and juicy and the skin was really tasty. the inside of the chicken has herbs, unlike the other chicken sold which has lemon grass (tanglad) inside.

Both are sold at P199 each. With our P300 voucher, we only paid P98 for the two orders. And we still have left overs for the next day. Really yummy.

So, is it tastier than Cebu Lechon? Let's just say that both are good but  Lechon Liempo is different from Lechon Baboy and they taste differently. You decide. Go ahead, make your day :).


T said...

Both the liempo and the chicken look delicious. Kitang kita ang herbs. Nakakagutom! Hehe.

Batangala said...

oo nga.. sulit ang pag-antay namin bago sha maluto, he he he

Tita Beng said...

Hahaha.. buti na lang girl scout ang iyong kumander. Ready lagi.Lol! That's a great buy huh? Php300 worth bought for only Php50.? Is that Zugbu Liempo availabe only in MOA? Gusto ko tuloy matikman yung chicken nila. I don't eat pork kasi e.

Batangala said...

it's actually near the corner of pasay road (now arnaiz ave.) and slex. but i think they have branches in quezon city too. one is in maginhawa st. and another in p. tuazon. sorry but i am not very familiar with qc though, he he he

Tita Beng said...

Just stopping by to greet you and your family a blessed Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful celebration!