Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Brunch at the Marriott


Sundays are usually spent at home with the family or else have lunch out somewhere inexpensive, but this Sunday, the sales staff of the Marriott Hotel Manila, where my wife works, was treated to a Sunday brunch at the Marriott Cafe. Being a family day, we tagged along with my wife to have our brunch there too.

The adult family members of the Marriott associates are entitled to a 50% discount, while children (not sure up to what age) get another 50% off. So, the price we had to pay for such a wide spread of dishes was reasonable enough.
The problem with buffet is I get easily overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin or what to eat. In fact, I skipped the bread and soup to get to the main dishes right away. There are a lot of sections that you can choose from.
First, there is the bread/cheese/cold cuts section which I totally skipped but which my daughter visited thrice to get their bread rolls with butter.
The salad/fruit section has a wide variety of salads that I didn't know which one to get. I think I've tried a couple of them like the sweet potato, pastrami and then some.
Of course, being a meat lover, I didn't miss out on the carvery. I got some lechon and roast beef. There is also roast lamb but I skipped it to try out the other sections.
There is also a Japanese food section with lots of sushi and makis. I was looking for some teppanyaki and ebi tempura but didn't seem to find any. I satisfied myself with some california maki instead.
The Chinese food section offers a variety of dimsums, hainanese chicken and roast chicken. It also has roast duck and a suckling pig. The skin is really crispy but resisted the temptation to have more as I am sure it's very high in cholesterol, ha ha ha.
There's also a pasta section where you can have your pasta cooked fresh.
A seafood section offers crabs, prawns, crayfish, musssels and oysters.

A martini bar can be found in a room leading to the Cru Steakhouse where cocktails like martini and bloody mary are prepared.
Right past the cocktail bar, you will enter a new world: the Cru Steakhouse, where you can have your rib-eye and striplon steaks, squids and foie gras. Having my fill of meat, I just went it to check out what's being offered, in case we do decide to have brunch again there.
Finally, dessert! You can have chocolate in the chocolate room, from pralines to truffles to chcolate fountain and pastries.
chocolate chef having a retouch
angel having a photo op with the chocolate chef
chocolates on a chocolate table top
Or you can have all the gelato you want with any toppings of your choice.
I forgot to mention that there are also bottomless drinks, with your choice of lemon and strawberry iced tea, milk shake and chocolate milk. 

Kids can have glitter tattoo and go to the play area if they're already bored or after having their brunch.
Sunday brunch starts at 11:30 AM and is open until 3 PM.


Makati Condo For Rent said...

Delicious food in marriott , all kinds of food is there ,thanks for the info .

Tita Beng said...

Wow, food looks fantastic! I love such high end buffets but only if it is for free. Lol! I have already been invited to buffets in Shang Makati, Intercon, and Dusit but the food in Shangrila so far is the best for me. I wish it will be in Marriot the next time around that we will be invited. hehe..

Happy Valentines to you and your lovely wife!

Batangala said...

Hi Beng, we really couldn't afford such extravagance, ha ha ha. But with my wife dining free, my daughter getting a 75% discount and me 50% off, and thinking of it as a pre-valentine date? what the heck. minsan minsan lang naman, he he he