Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alternative Way to Boracay - Sakay Na!

Now that summer is fast approaching, a lot are now planning where to go. And one place most of us would like to visit would be Boracay. Be it for the 1st or the nth time. 

I have tried a lot of routes going there. The first time I went there, we took the Superferry and were dropped offshore near Caticlan where bancas would pick-us up, with men on scuba suits in the water, and bring us directly to Boracay. But that was decades ago. 

The next time we went there was via the ro-ro (roll on-roll off ship) route. From Batangas you take a ro-ro to Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro. From there, one has to travel by land to Roxas, Oriental Mindoro where another ro-ro is waiting for passengers going to Caticlan. and finally from the Caticlan Jettyport there is another banca ride to Boracay. It was very tiring and time-consuming but plane fares then was very expensive. And when the plane fare wars began, going there via plane became more affordable.

Now, 2GO Travel has announced their new route, Batangas - Caticlan. 2Go is a union of Negros Navigation and Aboitiz Transport System (Super Ferry, Super Cat and Cebu Ferries) and they cover Manila to the the different islands south of Manila.

Based on their website, one way would take about 9 hours and ships depart Batangas and Caticlan twice a day:  8 AM and 8 PM. This means that if you travel by night, you just get to sleep in the ship and when you wake up, you are already in Caticlan.

2GO replied to an email of mine and this is what they said:

"As for the fare, one way as low as PhP 632.80 per passenger under SuperValue accommodation (non aircon Economy).  The rate mentioned is inclusive of fuel surcharge, security fee, 12% VAT, optional linen fee, call center fee, and optional insurance.

Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Accommodation are subject to availability.  There will also be a service charge of PhP 200.00 per ticket if purchase shall be made at any online, corporate or branch offices nationwide."

This is a good alternative for people who haven't tried riding a ship yet, are afraid of flying or have some time to spare. 

I doubt people would be taking the same route both ways. So, maybe take the ship one way and plane on the return, or vice versa?

So, anyone up for a mini-cruise? ha ha ha.. Tara, sakay na!


T said...

That's good news! Kaya lang I have to overcome first my fear of sea travel. Hehe.

Batangala said...

ha ha ha.. but how did you get from batangas to puerto galera? but seriously, it's also a good bonding time for barkadas. our whole office took the superferry from puerto princesa to manila and it took us more than 24 hours of fun and laughter.

Karla said...

This is interesting! :D I used to be an online seller and I used to ship my goods via 2GO. I never knew they offer trips na din pala. :)

Pero seriously, magandang experience din nga ang mag barko. I don't know if hanggang ngayon pareho pa rin but back then, I remember we rode a Superferry boat and may pool and magic show pa on board.

Will be sharing this on my Facebook wall by the way. ^_^

Gladys | said...

wow, may trip na sila to boracay? that's good news. they seem to have better services. my first time in boracay was via roro. hehe

Batangala said...

Karla, mas kilala nga ang 2GO as a courier service. you are right, some of the superferry ships do have pool and other facilities.

thank you for sharing this on your FB.

Gladys, ako naman first time ko to Boracay was in a superferry about 20 years ago, ha ha ha..

Honey said...

Hi! Congrats sa Versatile Blog Award

Makati Condo For Rent said...

Nice tips for traveler ..Thanks

T said...

ok lang pag short distances, no more than 1 hour. pero 9 hours? kelangan ko muna mag-therapy to treat my phobia. hehe.

johny said...

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cocoy said...

is this a RORO vessel?so i can bring my car straight to caticlan?more power to this blog..

Batangala said...


i don't think it's a ro-ro. if you want to take your car to caticlan, you have to take a ro-ro from batangas to calapan. from calapan traverse oriental mindoro until you reach the town of Roxas, where a ro-ro going to caticlan is ready to take you. ro-ro to caticlan is few and you have to check the schedule.

quite tiring? that's what we did once but we took the bus instead of a car.