Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game & Watch, Anyone?

Even before there were Gameboys, DSs and PSPs, there was a handheld video game device which my contemporaries and I used. It was so simple to use that there were only two buttons used to play the game. You can set up your time in the built in clock and it also serves as an alarm clock.
My siblings and I would take turns playing this small device and trying to beat each other's highest score, which is 999.

Unfortunately, when you reached it and you continue playing, the score returns to zero and starts counting again. There are several variation but still the two buttons remain the same, the left and right movement.

My favorite games then were Popeye and Octopus.

Tonight, a friend shared with me a link where I can relive those good old days with the use of my computer and here I am sharing this link so that you may also enjoy and/or discover how simple those games were. Just click on Game and Watch picture to start playing the game. There are games to choose from this website.


Tin | The Average Jane said...

Thansks for sharing! I love those game & watch games. They-re so simple to play kasi. Hehehe! =D

Batangala said...

tin, those games were from another era . as if parang jurassic na ano? he he he.. life was much simpler then and its good to know that at least on the internet we can still relive those good old days :)

Bridal Cars Manila said...

I miss this gadget !