Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friday's on a Sunday Evening

My wife and her sister talked on the phone yesterday, Sunday, and asked if we would like to meet for an afternoon snack and where it would be convenient, if ever. As we haven't been to Eastwood City in Quezon City and since it was nearer their place, she suggested that we meet there.

As we were coming from Laguna and we had to visit my sister in the hospital, my wife said that we might be running late. We left the hospital at past 4 and my wife immediately txted her sister if she still want to meet that day. My daughter was a little disappointed that the meet-up might not push through as she was excited to see here cousin, who is less than 1 year younger than her.

It was finally confirmed, so off we drove to Magsaysay Boulevard, where a film crew was shooting a movie (i think it was still Bourne Legacy) so there was a bit of a traffic there. We got to Eastwood City at around 5 PM already.

My wife and her sister, and my daughter and her cousin were glad to have finally seen each other again after a long while. I took a seat in front of the fountain with my brother-in-law and just in time, there was a dancing fountain show.

Since it was already getting late, we decided to have dinner instead. But with so much food establishments to choose from, we had a hard time deciding where to eat. In the meanwhile, Martha my niece took a ride on a manually operated horse and she rode it for about 15 minutes.

We strolled around the mall to look for a place to eat. We first tried the Teriyaki Boy but it was full and we were told that we would have to wait for around 15 minutes. And that's when it was suggested that we had dinner at TGI Fridays. It's been ages since we last ate at their branch in Makati so we agreed to have dinner at Fridays.

Friday's is famous for their large servings and so we did not have separate orders but instead ordered food to share. Our group is composed of 4 adults, a teenage and 2 kids and so we let my sister-in-law do the ordering for the group.

For appetizer, we ordered the Friday's Ballpark Nacho (P495) and 12 pc. buffalo wings (P485). We also ordered a full rack of baby back ribs (P995) and seafood platter (P995). My nephew ordered separately and had a bacon cheese burger (P395).

It took a while before our orders were served and first to arrive were the nachos and chicken wings. The mound of nachos was served in a big plate that it almost overwhelmed us, while the chicken wings' sauce were mixed with the chicken right in front of us. 

We were almost full when the rest came. The burger was so big that my nephew only consumed half of it, with his little sister snatching one of the bacon strips on top of the open-faced burger.

The full rack of baby back ribs and the seafood platter came in last with both served with fries. The rack of ribs was not as fall-off-the-bone that I would have preferred. I was so full that I only had a taste of one rib from the rack. The seafood platter consisted of breaded fish, shrimps, and calamari. It took us a while to finish our meal with about half a rack left uneaten and so with the seafood platter, that we asked to waiter to wrap the leftover to go.

Very full, we left the restaurant and strolled  little bit on our way to the parking lot. We bade each other goodbye and my daughter and her cousin agreed to meet and stay  in Laguna for one week during the summer break.


The dinner was totally unexpected that I was unable to bring a camera except for the handheld video camera, hence no photos were taken. My nephew brought one and promised to share the photos he had. So, photos to follow soon.


Tita Beng said...

I have only tried TGI Friday's MOA branch. I bet their Eastwood branch is as good. Tama ka dyan, sobrang dami nga ng servings nila, just the opposite of servings ng Teriyaki Boy na sobrang kulang para sa isa. hehe..

Glad you had a great bonding time with your in-laws!

Have a wonderful, sunshiny day Noel! Ingat!

Karla said...

I'm from the South too so I don't usually go beyond Makati. I haven't been to Eastwood before too so I really appreciate the videos. At least I had a sneak peek. :)

I think pictures are not needed because I am already getting hungry from your description of the food, hehe. Too bad it is just my mom and I who usually go out so medyo hindi sulit pag malaki ang serving.

Batangala said...

Hi Beng. Yup, paminsan-minsan lang din naman kasi magkita kita kaya dapat sulitin during this occasions. :)

Batangala said...

Karla, yun din problem namin pag lumalabas kami. There are only the three of us, my wife, daughter and me. Kay usually talaga fast food lang or pizza and pasta to share.

Bridal Cars Manila said...

I love TGIF and pizza !!

Mitch said...

I've never been in TGIF and in eastwood,kinda out of the way for my place.. thanks for sharing this one though you caught unexpectedly and wasnt able to bring a cam..

Batangala said...

hi mitch! medyo malayo rin sa amin ung place coz we're from paranaque pero we plan to go back and explore the place but maybe earlier and hopefully with a camera on hand, ha ha ha