Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lunch at Home on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

When not on travel, Sundays are usually spent at home to laze around since the following day is the start of a new work and school week.

Having done our grocery and attended an anticipated mass the day before, that's what we did. We slept late and woke up late. Aside from a cleaning lady who visits us twice a week to also cook for us, the food preparation is left to my wife for the rest of the week.

Since we had some left over food from the previous week, we decided to eat pangat (or pangatlong init or third time to reheat the food, ha ha ha). We are a green family after all. We reduce, reuse and reheat, he he he
Raiding our ref, we saw the pack of spicy bangus (milkfish) bought the previous week and which my wife wanted to eat ever since we bought it. However, since we always get home late, she was unable to have what she wanted. Now was the day where she had a lot of time. And that's what she did. It was not as spicy as we would have wanted. Also, we later found out that it was not boneless.
The sinantolan or ginataang santol was from Pangil, Laguna and was stored in our freezer for future use and this was the future. She added about 3 pieces of siling labuyo (chili pepper) while reheating to add spice to it. Our daughter, who doesn't like vegetables, surprisingly likes it. She mixes it to her rice.

Lastly, we found out that there is still some leftover bulalo  (beef shanks with vegetables) which my wife cooked the other Sunday. We just added extra cabbage and pechay after bringing the nilagang bulalo to a boil. Of course the marrow went to my wife. It's dipping sauce usually consists of patis (fish sauce), calamansi (Philippine lemon) and siling labuyo).

For dessert, we had the mini puffs from Chewy Junior which we bought from a group buying site and picked up at the SM MoA the previous day. 15 bite size pieces for P100 instead of P200.
They were chewy alright but I was expecting the outside to be crispy. The size of each mini puff is really bite size that I can't decide which I like best, he he he.
Will I buy it again? Maybe for P100, yes. But for the full price? I have to think about it first.

Lunch and dish washing over, it was now time to have a siesta which we can only do on Sundays such as this. Will we be able to do this again next Sunday? With my wife having work every other Saturday and sometimes my daughter having some make-up classes too? Probably not.

Oh well, looking forward to another lazy Sunday like this :)


i♥pinkc00kies said...

daing na bangus. Yummm!

T said...

i miss home-cooked meals

Batangala said...

we used to cook daing na bangus and other home-cooked meals during weekends. But since we lost our household help, we usually eat out na lang most of the time during weekends.

Christeen said...

ayay! this is what i hate in browsing blog ng disoras eh especially 2am tsktsk - bumping to some mouthwatering food >,< lol

Batangala said...

naku christeen, inom ka lang maraming tubig, lilipas din yan, he he he. thanks for visiting :)

Kulengkleng said...

konting ginataang santol lang na hinalo sa mainit na kanin, sarap na, and yes with daing! hmmmm, nakaka-miss naman ang sarap! :-)

Batangala said...

masarap talaga yang santol na ginataan. bihira kumain anak ko ng hindi meat and this is one of the few non-meat that she eats. danke

Beng Gee said...

Ang sarap naman, kakagutom! Haha, kami rin dito lagi may pangat. Dapat lang maging frugal this days. Lalo pa at masarap yung food, no way para i-discard 'no?!! Na-curious ako sa ginataang santol. Haven't tasted one yet. I think I gotta to try it one of these days.

Have a great day, Noel!

Batangala said...

hi beng. long time no hear. heard you've been busy lately. good to hear from you again. happy weekend (advance that is, he he he)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

I miss daing na bangus! Hay! It's really the most simple of fare that you miss when you're not at your home country. =(

Batangala said...

naku Tin, i am sure you can make your own out there. i remember my mom preparing daing na bangus when we were kids. she would marinate the fish in vinegar and garlic, he he he. that's as far as i remember :)