Thursday, October 25, 2012

NSO Birth Certificate, Anyone?

e-Census - National Statistics Office | Philippines
A copy of an NSO birth certificate is vital to anyone applying for a passport, getting married or other official documents which may
require an NSO copy of this important document.

There are two ways of getting an NSO birth certificate (marriage certificate, certificate of no marriage [CENOMAR] or death certificate for that matter. One is going to an NSO Serbilis Center or applying online at e-census.

Go to an NSO Serbilis Center if you want your document within 1 to 2 working days. For online application, you get it between 3 to 9 working days after payment, depending on whether you live in Metro Manila or in the provinces.
Of course, if your request would require manual search and retrievel from the NSO microfilm and paper archives, delivery time would require an additional 10 to 15 working days on top of the normal delivery date. So make sure that all the information you provide are accurate to avoid delays.

When we requested for a copy of the death certificate of my mother-in-law, we assumed that she died at home. We forgot that she was brought to the hospital in the next town. We were informed via email by NSO that it will have to be searched manually because they cannot find the record. We emailed immediately and told them about the mistake in the place of death and within 2 to 3 days, the copy was delivered.

When you apply online by clicking on this link, you will see this on your computer screen:
Simply click on the "Click here to request now" and follow the instructions on the succeeding screens.

You may pay through the accredited banks as shown here.

By the way a copy of a birth certificate/death certificate/marriage certificate will set you P315 each, while a CENOMAR costs P415 each. For delivery to other counties it's so much higher. Click here for the rates.

Get an NSO birth certificate now because sooner or later you are going to need it anyway.


I forgot that you can also apply for an NSO copy of your birth certificate, etc. at the Business Kiosk of the SM Malls. It takes about 5 business days for it to be released.



xoxo_grah said...

Thanks for the info...very helpful to those who don't have their passport...NSO is a must talaga...:)


Tin | The Average Jane said...

Good thing there are more and more convenient government services. Hope they continue on with the progress. =)

Batangala said...

yup, i don't mind the extra cost as long as you are provided convenience.

birth certificates are not only necessary for passports but also when getting a driver's license.

Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. Sure, I will not publish your comment, I think I know why you requested for it anyway. Btw, hope you'll have a safe & fun adventure in SG, enjoy!! :)

Also, thanks for the follow, will follow you back when I get the chance to open my laptop later this evening. Thanks again. :)

T said...

i needed my nso issued bc years ago. wala pa yatang online noon and i hated (still do) long lines. buti na lang kelangan din ng friend ko at siya na personal na nagasikaso. :)

Beng Gee said...

Hi Noel! That's good news na pwede na mag-apply online for the birth certificate. Kung di pa sanay masyado, pwede pa rin naman to order by phone. Yun kasi ang inaavail ko eh. Slight additional fees lang.

Have a great start of the week!

Batangala said...

hi beng. come to think of it. traveling to NSO and time spent, adding a little extra would be better, right?

have a good week ahead as well

Christeen Cereno said...

wow another convenient way :) may online na pala talaga. I stumbled upon this website e-census but din't mind navigating further kasi my sister gave me a phone number to call yun nga yung sa Teleserv naman :) either way is really conveniet, kaya lang mukahang mas mura to kasi 350 binayaran namin dun eh.

Batangala said...

another option is to go to any SM Business Center and apply for one in the convenience of an air-conditioned mall