Friday, October 19, 2012

Theme Parks in Gold Coast, Australia

Studying in Australia for 1 1/2 years from 2005 to 2006 gave my family and me a lot of weekends to explore Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Travelling by public transport and going to theme parks is not a problem as you can plan your journey by simply logging on to Translink, a website which gives you the schedule and what buses/trains/ferry to take and where to take it. 

Fortunately for us, since I was a student then I got a concession fare with a 50% discount, my daughter rides for free as she was less than 6 years old then. It's only my wife who pays full fare.

It takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours one way to get to the theme parks in Gold Coast, so a day trip there coming from Brisbane is possible. We usually wait for discount vouchers found at the back of grocery receipts to save some from the entrance fees.

It was only through browsing my multiply account that reminded me to post these photos. Multipy by the way will no longer be supporting the photo sharing by the end of the year but will focus instead on e-commerce or something to that effect


This has the fastest and wildest rides among the three parks. Unfortunately, most of them cannot be ridden yet by Angel at the time because she was too young.

This is also the place where the Australian Big Brother is being shot.
watching a show of sponge bob and friends
the claw

taking a ride from blue clues
kids will surely be familiar with nickelodein
taking a breather from all that walking
photo ops with kenny, the dreamworld mascot
angel meeting new friends in the train on our way back to brisbane

Movie World

Cartoon lovers would surely love this place as you get to see your favorite cartoon characters from Warner Bros and there is also a parade in the afternoon.
watching a stunt show of police academy
the cast of police academy
with bugs bunny and marvin the magician
the cast of harry potter without harry
the catwoman and the bat kid
tweety bird
taking a rest
with of the members of the justice league
bugs bunny with angel and friends
we found the cape crusaders and batgirl in an alley

Sea World

This theme park was the first one we visited in the Gold Coast. With Vangie and Angel not more than 1 month in Australia, we didn't waste our time exploring right away the theme parks.
watching a dolphin show
the pond where the sharks and other fishes are kept
the sharks can be seen just like in aquarium
bird rehabilitation area
Note: This blog is based on our travel by train/bus in 2005 and 2006 to the Gold Coastand the events are based on memory. Some omissions may have been inadvertently made

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